Ignoring enemy mass?

What do ignoring enemy mass blessings do exactly ?
Allow stagger on any enemy size ?

As far as I can tell they give you infinite (or close to infinite) cleave while active. Weapon even seems to effortlessly pass through crushers and keep hitting other things around them.

I have a MK V combat axe with brutal momentum and its swings seem to never get stopped while BM is active.

Similarly Devil’s Claw with ignore hitmass on crit. Using Zealot Ult to guarantee a crit seems to pass through everything then his crit chance/bleed feats keep this active basically as long as you’re constantly slashing things.

Seems extremely powerful, a godsend for low cleave weapons especially.

Now what I’m really curious about is blessings/perks affecting both weapon slots. I know crucian roulette affects your melee crit chance as well, and someone else has posted a bug report about the +cleave on hit melee blessing staying active permanently and also affecting your ranged weapon. I imagine there are some very powerful combos possible if we knew what does and doesn’t affect both weapon slots.