"Ignore Enemy Hit Mass" prevents revved Chainsword Strike from registering

Issue Description:
Ignore Enemy Hit Mass prevents an empowered chainsword strike from landing properly. Instead of expected and usual result of the chain latching on and dealing massive damage, the weapon will pass through harmlessly for minimal damage, wasting the attack.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip the Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword with the “Devastating Strike” blessing.
  2. Enter the Psykhanium. Strike an enemy until you get a critical hit.
  3. Immediately use the “Activate” Special Action and strike the enemy with a revved light attack.
  4. The weapon will pass through dealing nominal damage.


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


Bumping with clip example: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Bumping, bug is still present in the game as of patch 1.0.20

Bug is still present as of hotfix 1.0.21

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Although I didn’t see it in the notes, the bug appears to be patched as of 1.0.22.

Got a few wiffs but I think that was more from attacking too quickly and cancelling the special. Got it to land within the 3.5 second “Ignore Hit Mass” timer when before it was impossible.

It is normal interaction seems.
Eviscerator works same way, if it cleaves target completely, it also not shreds.

No this bugged the special attack entirely. Even if it cleaves through that attack does normal if not more damage then catches. Bug made the attack not connect/do less than a normal M1, now it works however.

I seem to still have the bug that, if the chainsword crits, my special revved chainsword attacks don’t bite. They just land like a normal crit, but no sawing happens.

This happens regardless of whether the chainsword has the “ignore enemy hit mass” blessing or not. A crit will prevent the special sawing attack from occurring and the hit will just be a normal attack that crits.

Edit: After some extensive testing I have to modify my above statement.

The bug still occurs but it only occurs on chainswords that have the blessing.
If the chainsword has the blessing “ignore enemy hit mass on critical hits”, then revved up attacks that crit do not bite into the enemy.

Furthermore, the attack is only a single dot from the saw-bleed. It does not even register as a normal crit melee attack, but only leaves a single yellow tick from the revving dot effect on the enemy. The revved attack will travel through the target and hit any adjacent targets as expected from an attack with infinite cleave, but it only registers on all targets as if a single yellow tick from the sawwing dot.

So the bug persists with the blessing as far as I can tell. Chainswords without the blessing now function properly.

If critical strikes are supposed to overrule the revving special attack on chainswords, such that all targets hit by a revved attack that crits only gets a single tick from the special attack, then it is entirely worthless.

A critical strike on a revved attack then only does between 13-25 dmg each to all targets hit by the attack if you have the ignore enemy hit mass blessing.

So that means you some times can’t rely on the chainsword special attack to kill specials, since the attack will simply travel through the enemy leaving only a single tick from the dot as dmg done, instead of locking on to the enemy and sawwing it to death. It basically means critical strikes become a liability when you try to kill specials with a chainsword that has the blessing.