Chain weapons + devastating strike

In reference to : Assault chainsword randomly does not shred

So the theory goes Devastating Strike, giving you effectively infinite cleave for a duration, could be combined with the shred (special action) function of chain weapons to apply shred effects on all targets hit by the cleave/shred.

If anybody wants to test and confirm somehow, Fatshark included, that this works like that (shred gets applied to all targets hit by a devastating strike), that would be awesome.
As of right now, there is no in game feedback (at least some audio cue would be good) that this happens and it feels like the game bugs out and eats your activated special action.

If that is indeed the case, some kind of continuous revving through the strike would be most welcome as :

  • it would be badass
  • it would be awesome to indicate that our weapon makes the ultimate strike
  • it would be great to know the game did not bug and ate the special animation and this is not a bug.

I understand adding an effect for an edge case of a weapon (well, 3) with a particular blessing is additional work but right now, it feels like a bug as there is 0 feedback.
I am sure your audio engineers have A LOT of chainsaw sounds stored to play with already.

If Devastating Strike did not apply Shred to all cleaved targets then this is a bug and needs to be corrected by either removing the blessing from the chain weapon pool or indeed making the effect happen to all + a sound effect.
Thank you for reading my TED talk.

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active shredder have two different effects. small damage boost for cleaved targets and massive damage hit at the end of shredding animation for targets that stops your cleave.

so with “devastating strike” active, you will only get small damage boost for your attack.
and you will not be able to get that massive damage hit, since it requires your weapon to stuck in the target and shred it for full animation duration.

i dont think its a bug

however. it’s seems like damage value from cleave falloff is overwriting first damage hit for shredder effect, which is usually 3-4 dmg.

this might be a bug

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Please make this work better for the assault chainsword Christmas devs !