Assault chainsword randomly does not shred

Issue Description:
The assault chainsword often does not apply the shred power effect to enemies it hits even though activated.
It might be with using the sword quickly after activating the alt fire power. But I am not sure as the effect is simply not applied on ogryns I am hitting sometimes even with enough time after activation.

But in all cases the noise and chain animation are present. The sword just hits an enemy without activating.

Also if you read this developer happily full of Christmas agapes, please consider beefing up the assault chainsword a bit, like a seamless power activation for example, or at least more seamless than now.
Sorry no video to show for.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use Assault Chainsword
  2. Activate alt fire, visual and sound play for power activation
  3. Hit enemy and randomly the shred just does not happen.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I’m gonna be honest, I’m just uploading this screenshot for flex:

it probably happens because of “devastating strike” blessing on your chainsord.
“ignore enemy hit mass” is basically means infinite cleave.
and shredder effect happens when your weapon hit its cleve limit.
if there is no cleve limit, there is no shred.


Yep, devastating strike breaks the Chainsword’s empowered heavies, they never stick to shred anything because of the cleave bypassing. I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in this if this blessing wasn’t exclusive to the Chainsword. How little play testing did they do?

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To my understanding, it is exactly as Forsion says and intended behavior. By all means, however, feel free to open a new thread in the Gameplay Feedback section if you’re dissatisfied with this and think it should be changed, it’s the best way to get this kind of feedback looked at by the appropriate eyes.

So does the shredder effect apply to all the cleaved targets ? (Yay!)
Or does it not apply at all ? (Sadpanda)

Just wondering.

Activating the special removes a ton of cleave from the weapon and then makes it so that when you attack, as soon as your weapon runs out of cleave you shred THAT target and no one else.

But with devastating strike, if it is applied on a shredder attack then … shredder is applied to none then ? The shredder effect of chainsaw on a target does not happen visual/audio wise.

It that is the case, then this is a bug.

Shredder attacks should, if that is the case, not have the effect of devastating strike applied to them as it would totally cancel an activated ability the user chooses to use for a reason at that time.

Eh what do I know, time to sleep.

So its intentional that chain weapons do not work with their basic functions? Can you make light and push attacks use the same damage profile as heavies when revved, so you could still use this weapon before crafting is finished?

Or just remove Devastating Strike?

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Again, this would all fall under Gameplay Feedback, which I implore you all use for this kind of thing. All of this feedback is very valuable, and our devs lurk and read that subforum a lot.

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active shredder boosts your damage for targets that you can cleave through and fully applied (saw animation) for targets that stops your cleave.

Back to coding developers !
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