We need something to use the chests

The players who have many hours in V2 have the same problem, so that we can use our chests?

I currently have over 400 saved chests. Once you have red weapons for your heroes and deeds you can only open them in search of cosmetics, which is a very boring job.

I’ve been with those chests in storage for many months, waiting for something to open them. I think it should be a priority to find a solution for this.


My only problem with chests is that it takes ages to open them in the default interface (yay for mods), but as I don’t have a use for the vast majority of items I get, I do know the plight. Then again, I have more than 10k Scrap, 700+ of both Parts and piles of dusts just laying around, without anything to use them for. I really do hope that Lohner’s Emporium will bring in some kind of resource sink for the existing ones, and not just a new resource to use there.


Exactly. If you decide to open all the chests you will have a lot of unusable dust. New weapons from the DLCs should also appear inside the chests once unlocked.

Personally I prefer to store the chests and not make them powders, for the probability that new content such as the cosmetics store or a new hero will arrive.

Well it wouldn’t be that hard if you could delete stuff more than 9 at one time. You still can just go autoclicker with mod but deleting trash later is oh hell annoying

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