Open All Chests Feature

Can we PLEASE have this feature.
I’m literally sick opening chests cause they remind me of lootboxes, and lootboxes ARE evil.
I don’t care for the fancy animation, I don’t shiver in anticipation of getting a red, I hardly look at the screen.
The only thing I feel is disgust of wasting time on pulling a slot-machine lever…
I just want to get my gear.
Please don’t make me suffer (ikr!) through this ordeal!


Lemmi hit u up with some napkin math.
it takes 5.4 sec to open 1 chest (as fast as i can).
I’ve opened 500-800 chests in my ~400 hrs of V2.
It means that I sat for over an HOUR CLICKING ON STUPID CHESTS.
Can we plz fix it.


What will you do with all this saved time?

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Dunno, he may just enjoy the game?

It’s not really that much about the amount of time saved; it’s about a boring mechanic.

It takes several seconds to open each chest, and each has to be opened separately. By clicking on “open”, then clicking on the items, then accepting. It’s boring busywork that could easily be done in bulk and the items checked afterwards, as we also see anything new highlighted in the inventory. It’s a thing that can easily take several minutes after a session, even without afterwards salvaging and possibly crafting stuff (which, btw, also still need QoL improvements, even with the fresh mod) - time that I could’ve spent done something more useful, or at least entertaining. I don’t mind that I’ve spent a couple of hours opening virtual boxes (over the years, I’ve spent more time picking my nose), but I do care that I feel bored while doing it.

There is a case to be made for the anticipation of new items - when you’re actually building your Item Power, and maybe until you get your first few reds for each character. But after hundreds of hours of playtime and hundreds (if not thousands, for the biggest enthusiasts) of chests, the excitement isn’t really there anymore. I still think I have had a bad luck with reds so that I have at best a few weapons for each character after 800+ hrs, and even my reaction is “huh, another red, gotta take care salvaging, NEXT!”

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Yea, All those wasted clicks.
However FS doesn’t want to remove some extra hoops.
I think I’ve already mentioned busywork that we’re required to do:
4-5 clicks to get through the intro (Thank God sm1 made an addon automatically skipping them),
The waiting between the matches with the victory(or loss) screen and statistics and the Bones rolling can take 1-5 minutes, which kills the hope of playing with the same pple.
These are small gripes, true, but the game is not big itself tbh, and these drawbacks can be major inconveniences, which can be rather easily worked out.

i think we need options like insta salvage white - orange item at chest opening and no animation for chest opening

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Or maybe an option for veteran players where it doesn’t waste time showing you the item at all unless it’s a red or an illusion you haven’t seen before.


I will kill more Pactsworn!
Each second wasted on opening chests could’ve been used for bloodletting!
There’s no “Opening Lootboxes” hogwash in the grim world of WARHAMMER!


Amen @semn007!

I can’t say anyone with a level 30 character actually enjoys watching the chests open. It was pretty riveting between levels 1 and 3. Then, it was something I’d save for every 3rd game because we were wasting time on 1 person opening 5 chests while the rest of us waited, then the next game someone else would open 5 chests, then the next game someone else would open 5 chests…

It got old. Fast. I just want it to be a three-click solution and see all the items near-instantly. I usually don’t get irritated, but time-wasting mechanics that are like waiting for something to finish building in a mobile-game are annoying.

Now I only open chests if someone in my party says, “I’m going to switch classes, get a Degree of Natural Sciences, run to the bathroom, and raise three children.” Otherwise I know I don’t have enough time to get through my four chests (horrible exaggeration, but also a little funny, ya?).

I like seeing how fast I can open them :smiley:

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I agree that is a pretty painful process and I’d like to see some “power opening” features in the future. In the meantime you might turn to Autohotkey as some of us have on the subreddit:


Where’ve u been before!

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This is a classic @AgainPyromancer post in its natural environment. Swoops in to save the day like a Demigryph Knight.

Majestic. Time to do some installing!

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The bad news is that nobody (including me!) has taken the time, yet, to set up an autohotkey script that is resolution independent. So you either have to be lucky (and have the same resolution as in the script), change your resolution to match temporarily, or grab the correct screen coordinates so that you can edit the script to match your resolution.

Once you install AHK you can use the bundled “ActiveWindowInfo.ahk” script to pull the screen coordinates of the game buttons, etc. Good luck!

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