[feature request] Ability to skip box openings and other things

There is one thing that’s irked me, and many of my friends ever since we’ve played, and it seems a bit silly perhaps but I dont think were alone.

We would love the ability to skip the little phases of opening boxes, as well as the other animations associated with re-rolling items. It’s cool, neat and cute at first, but if you have multiple boxes to open, or are re-rolling for a specific attribute pair (let alone with good rolls), it becomes quite annoying.

Many times we just wana scoop our loot and, unless theres something really special in there, dive right back into the next match. It can be frustrating waiting 2-5 minutes for some one to re-roll an item, or if they’ve just sat on their boxes and decided they now want to open all 10 of them.

Streamlining the process would, IMHO, be a huge QoL improvement that many would simply enjoy with out really thinking about it.


Wow, such a waste of time…

As a wait time, that is relatively long. Just waiting around gets boring quickly, even with jumping around the Keep, and it may happen several times - possibly enough for one more run that night.

Another place where some animation skipping would be in place is loot gain. While seeing the loot bar grow and waiting which finger Ranald shows is exciting the first few times (especially the first few times you approach the Emperor’s whatevers), the fiftieth time it feels just a time-waster.



A lot of things can happen in the time span of 2-5 minutes.

Imagine 2-5 minutes of someone stabbing you with a knife. But it’s “only 2-5 minutes” so I guess it’s not that bad, right?

Obvious hyperbole is obvious but hopefully it gets the point across

I’m not a developer, but I would assume that a feature like this wouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

And if a feature isn’t difficult to implement, and it adds to the overall QoL, I see no reason for it not to be implemented.


I often find myself being send straight back to the Keep without even being able to see the end score cards because someone on my team had already pressed the “Return to Keep” button before my chest animation had finished.

So, I guess I agree on this as well.

I hope this is a joke and you don’t really compare knife stabbing to waiting for another player.
If this is really such a problem, leave the team and look for another one. If this team is your friends, it’s enough to talk each other and agree on details.
C’mon 2-5 min its not a long time. You can make some tea, go bio, check news etc. You’re exaggerating guys with this grumbling

Hence, why I pointed out it was hyperbole. I didn’t actually mean that waiting for the animations is equivalent to being stabbed, I was merely trying to say that 2-5 minutes isn’t something to just scoff at.

The problem doesn’t lie solely with waiting for others to open the boxes, it’s just as tedious and monotonous to wait for your own box opening animations to finish.

As I said before, I do not see what the problem with implementing this feature would be. If there is no problem with it, and it adds to the overall QoL, it has no reason not to be included.

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This has been asked for since release XD

As for the rerolls, their is an approved QoL mod for rerolling. It makes it much faster and shows the stats you’ve rolled right next to the reroll button so you don’t have to keep hovering the mouse over it.

Now, there has been multiple threads on here with people asking for a complete change to rerolling. Something along the lines of just spending ~20 dust and getting the roll you want. It’s a really annoying and time consuming feature… I’ve sat there before and rerolled traits only to get the same one 5 times in a row…

My point is that I have no problem with waiting few mins. I’m used to that and always find something I can do at the time when someone opens boxes.

Well that is good for you then. For me personally i got pretty limited time to play the game and every random i get seems to spend 10 minutes just opening-salvaging-crafting between each runs which takes considerable time from game-play. (3 runs that’s close to half an hour already)
Just reducing the animations and other things is really simple fix for this and hurts absolutely no one.

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Hey hey hey that’s included in the other UI.
But the animation isn’t speed up.

Well, there is a mod that speeds it up. I remember when I had to disable mods for a patch and it was so slow and annoying.

Like I said before. You have two options:
A/leave the team and look for another one.
B/If this team is your friends, it’s enough to talk each other and agree on details.

I barely do the case A in this game(solo play) and when i do i tend to leave parties anyways just for the said reasons. However i do play a lot with 1-2 friends and we do have our ways like running 5 then looting etc so problem is not there its when we get that 4th player 1 random who happens to get his first shiny red and spends 10 minutes re-rolling it.
Again something like that is really simple to fix with speeding up animations of re-rolling or actually just letting you spend some extra for guaranteed ones.
Its overall a QOL change anyways when you have to do that rolling yourself.

We don’t know that. We are not devs, we may only speculate about this. I think that sooner someone will do a mod that will be sanctioned.

Good for you.

I find it infuriating to go through every single time, boring and a outright waste of time.

Do people still open chests?

Since the beta I think people have asked for;

  • Instantly scrap everything of a certain colour, or everything below Red.
  • Open all the chests I’ve got at once
  • Pick a stat I want and just burn the dust required to get what I want.

So. Good luck with this. WoM surely needs to have some massive overhaul of the entire crafting and loot system. Surely. Please. Sigmar. Anyone. I’ll even sacrifice a little sausage roll to Tzeentch to try and ensure something is changed with this whole sorry loot system.


Understatement of the year!

…though high hopes are best kept down.

An entire sausage roll! You absolute mad man. Sigmar protect us all.

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We already know mods can speed up aspects of UI in this game so its not really something that needs rocket science to complete. Also while i might not know exactly what the codebase looks like for this game i can speculate it from my coding experience (work/etc) and really it should not be too difficulty to create.
Its other topic entirely if its worth their time currently especially now that they are doing coding for wom. As you have said the more likely reason is that its not really high on their priority list atm because its pretty minor qol upgrade in the grand scheme of things.

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May be more of an issue below legend. I have 100s of hours in legend pubs, and people re-rolling while team waits is rarer than red loot. If they do, I leave. No way I wait for some jacko to forge.

I kind of enjoy the rolling process though. It’s like a slot machine. By design, right?

A little fix: code the box opening sequence from higher value box to lower value box, so I don’t have to select the legend vaults manually every time. Because I want to see the good boxes first–see if I got my reds. I scrap all the rest.

Btw, 1000 hours in I still haven’t got a red illusion for Saltz’s axe. Got 6 red volley bows though, which I never use. It’s like the game’s trying to suggest a different weapon, but I refuse.