Request for ability to open multiple lootboxes at the same time!


So after a long time of playing and not actually opening any boxes i found myself wanting to have a look, i realized that i have about 250+ legend general+emperor boxes, also like 200 commendation chests.

Now this is pretty good i mean its a good source of crafting materials and possibly good loot but opening these boxes one by one and then clicking the tokens one by one to then bring up the next box is a massive pain.

Is it possible at all to implement some tool to at least open 10 boxes at the time? Please, it would be so good!

Pretty please? ;_;


Maybe, just not having to click through each item, automatically showing and having option to go through the chests quickly could be a first step :slight_smile:

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For now the best solution is a mod called UI tweaks by prop joe.
In the mod options there is a setting called faster loot box opening.
It speeds up the animation and all three items just appear without having to click on them.
Thats just one feature of the mod as well. For me this is the #1 mod out there. Its really really good.


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