Regarding QoL Patch

Having the ability to speed up the chest screen is really nice, would it be possible to add a toggle option in settings where the game always acts as if you were holding spacebar during this screen? And maybe an option to further increase the speed of the animations.


Nope, half-measures only. Somehow FS is completely adamant that every player aboslutely must see these darn screens and popups 100% of time. I believe that is an administrative decision to force players into this unfun loop, and it will never go away completely.

P.S. Oh hey! It’s my 2nd annversary here since I joined and started a thread about crap UI in VT2. Nice present woo.


4 clicks per chest is just unbearable. Haven’t opened a chest since the QoL mod was removed. This update applicably changed nothing in Spoils of War

This would be a much appreciated quality of life although I can see why they wouldn’t if they decided against this: too many options in the options menu can confuse or scare away players.