Add Option to disable the loot chest animation

Dear FatShark,

why the hell am I forced to watch some stupid animation of chest falling onto a piedestal, and then forced to watch the stupid animation of the chest upgrading itself?

You made some nice graphics for the chests, but I don’t want to watch it dozens of times each time I play the game.

=> Please add the option to SKIP THE LOOT ANIMATION.

  • If there are some people who get excited for watching animations, they can keep it active and watch it.
  • People like me, who would much rather examine the statistics screen, can get right into that part.
  • This will solve the issue where some players never get to see the statistics screen, because the stupid loot animation took too long to finish, and someone else already pressed the “return to the keep” button.



I second this.

it drives me crazy that i cant skip that loot sequence… either let us turn it off completly or allow us to hold space to increase its speed at which it plays.


Simple hitting “esc” should be able to get you through loot boxes, post game score tab, chest upgrades.
That would be cool.

i’m tired from this animation a hundreds years ago in other games.
it’s so boring as possible.

id love to have an auto trash option , opened over 300 commendation chests now and never had a drop from any of them , bored of getting red necklaces. i get it when your new and leveling the hero power it was fine you might get a new weapon to try out but after that it just gets a tedious waste of time.

give us auto trash a setting where all chests are opened anything non red/cosmetic just gets scrapped without us having to do it all manually


I agree. There should be a tick box in the options menu that causes the crates to open instantly so that you can briefly reviews what you acquired.

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