Delays everywhere

Can we get skip button to make this game faster and more enjoyable? Having fancy effects for certain actions is nice but when you want to play and see it thousand times a day it gets annoying.

  1. Crafting - watching the forge open/close/heat up. I have 1000 items I need to salvage dont make me watch it every time. You can drop in items without looting resources, make it possible to put in items while there is still that visual effect.

  2. Loot boxes - add collect all/open all button. I have 1000 chests I farmed with one character and want to open them with different character. Every time, you have to watch the opening animation and then click every item and watch them reveal. It looks cool but I just want get my items, I can dig through the inventory on my own to see what I got.

  3. Post game - make “esc menu” available during post game summary. In V1 it made sense to wait after game, people could leave, go to inn to change character, vote for random mission or vote for next one. But now it makes no sense to sit there and wait, especially when you play with randoms. Now you have to See XP bar -> Watch items you got (boring V1 at least had rolls) -> Watch score summary -> Return to keep -> And then finally you can leave the random group and continue with whatever you were doing or quit the game. Make it possible to just hit Esc -> Leave. as soon as you get the “Victory” screen. Also hitting “esc” will skip those “You got chest/level/item” popups every time you level up or get upgraded box.


How can you possibly have 1000 items or chests? and btw you can also salvage 9 items each time so it really dosen’t take that long. I do agree on crafting part and after you finish a map.

Dude he’s exaggerating to make a point and 9 items isnt a lot. Ive had to go through more than that before because i had different gear on each subclass and when i pulled it all off and updated it it took forever to remove. On top of not wanting to open my chest the moment i get it crafting can take quite a while

Easily, play the game, do not open chests or salvage items, 100 hours later start doing it.

Do like me, macro it.

I’ve played 95hrs now with 600 hero power and 2 30s, was too eager to open my chests to grind the early item levels, but kinda regret now with the commondation chests atleast. I don’t see a reason not to salvage items tho, cuz u can still use scraps to get higher ilvls.

i thankfully had a friend who told me the errors of my ways. i saved them for opening after level 20 for a good hidden power boost.

So yall are saying u should open chests at a later level for some reason?

what the game doesn’t tell you, is that by opening loot chests, your hidden power level for items will slowly increase. at the start of the game, u run a few recruit maps, open up your lootboxes, the power of the gear you get will slowly increase to the maximum cap of 100. at vet, the cap is 200. champion and legend, 300.

commendation boxes have a cap of 300, so to maximise the usage, you want to open them up after u start getting 200+ items, so you can boost this hidden power level item thing to the max of 300 quickly.

i got to 300 item level by just speed running champion maps. doesn’t matter if u get peasant lootboxes, your hidden power level will still increase.

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