When you finally come around touching on crafting system, please consider these things

  1. Remove white items from Veteran+ chests and crafting. They serve no purpose, nobody will ever use them for the small power increase they might provide.

  2. ONLY 300 power items after the threshold is reached, from non-recruit chests and crafting. Getting a very good exotic weapon or charm with right trait and then it having 295 power is just annoying and again serves no purpose.

  3. No more re-rolling into the same trait and property combination. Chaining 8 parry traits is infuriating, not only because of the resource loss for newer players, but the time it consumes.

  4. Speed up the crafting. No more hold the button down, just a simple yes or no for a missclick failsafe. No more furnace animation.


I agree with point n.4. The rest should stay as it is.

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Why? Do you personally enjoy points 1 to 3? Any other reasoning? Im curious, I cant think of any.

Let us mark items as favourite (with possibly preventing destruction of those), and then reduce the button hold-down by half or 2/3.

Your points 1 and 2 are something the current state of which I understand somewhat. While white items from crafting is pretty annoying after you’ve started getting anything better, let alone orange items, getting them from chests still gives you salvageable materials. Same with sub-300 items; they just go directly to salvage.

Number three is something that’s been requested a lot, though, especially for Traits. Properties also need rolling for percentages (on non-Veteran items), so letting the same combinations appear again is better than immediately preventing them, imo.

I just see no reason why they should change it. If you enjoy the game you ll get the traits and items you need anyway. There is no need to hurry.

Thats true, however they dont provide dust and, from my experience, a very low amount of scrap. Like yesterday i got 3 whites from a commoners strongbox while farming greens (which broke the camels back and i posted this thread), salvaged them for a whopping 3 scrap and 1 jewellers kit.

Well, 300 power items you dont need because you dont care about the weapon or already have a duplicate also go into the trash immediately, filling the same purpose. It just hurts to find a sub-300 orange weapon with really good props and the correct trait, maybe even a nice illusion on top. I know i had it happen alot of times. The game is already RNG as hell, we could use a layer less. It wont hurt anyone, it will make the loot system feel a bit more friendly. Not like it will make people stop playing sooner.

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