Stats score screen keeps getting skipped


So for some reason as written in the title almost all the stats screens i should see at the end of a run just get skipped for some reason, even when i am hosting or even when i am hosting and not running quickplay.

I´ve been gone for a while but this seems like a strange addition, is it an added feature or is it a bug?


Happening for me too but I don’t know if there’s a mod that skips? A bit annoying if the host can skip the screen for me.

It’s because you can speed it up now. So when someone is holding spacebar it skips it.

i’m 99% sure its due to that. It actually quite annoying, as i enjoy seeing stat screens for myself. We should be able to consult it after a game or something, or incorporate it somewhere else.


Most likely has to do with the “speed up” button (spacebar) they added in the last QOL update. People are probably speeding up the Ranald chest on the end screen, and hitting “return to lobby” which starts the countdown.

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Should add a toggle in gameplay options to automatically do it without having to have it held down. Or maybe a mod could get created and sanctioned that somehow compiles a history of stat screens and you can browse them in-game?


I think, maybe not the best solution, but the one with less work, would be to make spacebar skip chest animations but stop at scoreboard and only progress scoreboard once someone clicks return to keep. So players who want to see it are still able to, while players who want to move on don’t lose alot of time, as they can still speed up the loot part. I think the biggest thing players want to skip is the loot part and not the scoreboard necessarily, some do ofcourse.

The 10 seconds timer after one person pressed “Return to the Keep” didnt vanish. All you need to do, incase you care for the numbers, is to remember pressing space once the loot screen appears.

Probably not going to take ages for a mod to be created and approved, which does to button pressing for you.


I disagree, I bet you UI Tweaks or another similar mod is going to add a toggle to do it automatically at some point. UI Tweaks had the original chest speed up before it got officially added, after all.

Yeah but that was for opening chests not the victory results chest.

But all it does is simulate holding down a button, not circumvent any game systems. You’d still need to press the button to return to keep, it only allows people to see the scoreboard.

Wait, so how come that it skips the scoreboard? Is it not due to the speed up mechanic?

Yes and no.
The countdown triggers once the return to keep button is pressed.
Since someone could speed through the animations and press the button immediately, it may seem to someone who didn’t speed up the animations that the screen is skipped. Especially if you get a commendation chest as well.


Ooh, didn’t know that. So if i wanna see scoreboard i should speed it up myself, thats good to know

It is literally just someone speeding up and hitting the return to keep button as soon as possible. If everyone would just speed up the animations, they would still have some time to look at the score screen.

The only thing really that should be done is maybe increase the timer from 10 -> 15 seconds and actually give an in-game prompt along the lines of (Hold space button to speed up animations). It is actually surprising the amount of people who have no idea about this feature and it’s something I have to explain to multiple people nearly daily.
Then again if you don’t read patch notes it’s also impossible to know due to lack of in-game information.

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Dude, frankly when it sometimes happen I see it as a major improvement.

Then you´ll be pleased to know it´s a matter of just holding down space from some point after the game end x)

Doing so speeds everything up to the stats screen so the “go to keep” button can be clicked faster.

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