Stats Screen

The majority of the time at the end of a game other players somehow make it through all the screens faster than me and hit ‘return to keep’. Since the stat screen only lasts 10 seconds now, I end up getting taken to the keep before I even finish with the loot chest screen. So, I rarely get to see my stats for more than a couple seconds or at all.

I would like for the stats screen to come before the xp and loot screen and/or allow access to the stats screen of the last played game while in the keep, via pause menu or whatever.

Also, I want lots more stats :smiley: ! As many stats as you can fit on the screen, maybe even more lol.

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This happens to me very frequently and is extremely annoying. If I could at least pull up the stats from the last match once back in the keep (could view them as long as I want this way), it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The last 2 days or so this problem keeps repeating for me. Usually I would get at least 2-3 seconds to have a quick look, but lately I tend to be thrown at the keep without even being able to see the stats screen. I don’t think that other people should force me to not be able to watch the performance of the diferent players, or at least mine.

I think that the loot reward phase should be entirely skippable/extremelly fast, and once in the keep, i’d be great if you had a book or something to check the stats of your last matches.

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