Please change how skipping the scoreboard skips it for everyone, or play the faster version of the chest upgrades for everyone by default.

Sometimes at the end of a mission I’m alt-tabbing to something else or typing in chat and am not holding space, and everybody seems to be in such a hurry that I sometimes don’t even get to see what chest I got.

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Reminds me of the scene in Dr. House. A patient came with the problem of his arm hurting when he sleeps on his side. House asks him when he wants to have his surgery to have his arm amputated since sleeping not on his side seems to be too much trouble.

Asking for the speed up to be the standard is understandable since that screen is nothing but wasted time that adds up quite drastically when you count how many maps you play. Doing so because you cant alt tab out of the game while the reward screen comes up seems a bit weird.

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It’s not a huge deal. Afaik the scoreboard stats are still only accurate on the host’s side anyways.

If it bothers you that much then just hold down the spacebar when the XP screen pops up. Now you can view the scoreboard.

  • Want to see the scoreboard

  • Alt tabbed at end of mission

Pick one, because both makes absolutely zero sense.


I have 2 screens.
Sometimes I’m also just not holding space, but still want to see the scoreboard. F*** me, right ?

Your suggestion is valid, it just sounds weird as hell in the context of not even being tabbed into the game. No offence intended, just reads hella wonky.

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