Score board 2.0

how can you you improve if you do not know the totals of what you are doing?

you have to have metrics to track progress somehow. you need to know what you are doing and what you are not doing to improve.

no winning team of any kind wins and improves without a score system to show them they are moving the correct direction.

even if you added back the green circles and saw only your stats that would work, as you could share them with your friends and/or coach for improvements.

if you think you are going to get better by just playing over and over without stats you are not correct.

So, other than no score board what metric would you prefer to have that you can show how you are doing now and then look and compare to where you need to be for success at the highest level?


A lot of people can improve without after action numbers. It’s really easy. People are being really dramatic about this lol

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A lot of people need a scoreboard for this too. Myself included.

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Vermintide 1.5 btw

I may be wrong but I think the order in which the characters are at the end of a mission is in context of kills or something.
I noticed that at the beginning of a mission I’m just in a random slot but at the end of the mission, especially when I thought I did well, my character is often all the way to the right.

But that’s not enough.

I’m playing an ogryn atm.
I would really like to compare damage numbers with the different weapons.
Because the weapons don’t feel very different to be honest.
All the ranged weapons are medium to close range.
And the melee weapons feel kinda samish as well.
Although knifes seem to be more useful than blunt things.

But that all I can say really.

There are 12 threads on this discussion. They are worth a read.
If in fact you are new to this topic.
If not, they are worth a re-read.

They literally have a room for this. The psykinetic room? The training room? I’ve learned a great deal about the psyker because of that room and am getting better for it.

You mean where you can do the training thing?
Seemed like basic tutorial stuff to me.
I did the first and the advanced but thought I don’t need this.
Are there training dummies or something in the third?

But even if you can see damage numbers, you could also just see them after playing a normal game in a scoreboard.
After several days in this beta now I can confidently tell the missing scoreboard doesn’t prevent selfish play one bit.

Yeah, the third room has the various enemy types in the room and allows you to switch your gear and feats to see the damage numbers from various attacks. Way more useful for seeing gear breakdown than a scoreboard.

you do realise as you get better your numbers actually drop right?
the best way to pad those numbers is to play with three noobs on a low difficulty and stack movement speed. you will see massive “improvement” then

look the numbers being fun is a decent argument, the problems come when you start trying to make up reasons for them to exist. you want that little dope hit that little epeen stroke, we all get it

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Well, yes, that too.
If you seemingly carry the game that would be a nice little reward.

But during the pre-order beta most of my lost games are because people don’t stay together anyway scoreboard or not.
As far as I can tell the experiment failed.
The only thing it accomplished is that the thing that 70% of the players want is gone now.

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Hey fatshark how about you fix back end errors plaguing a large number of your customers before you add things to pat people able to play on the back…crazy thought eh?


Seems your brain can’t handle THC

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I’m gonna try it later and see how useful it is.

I’d like a personal scoreboard like TF2.
Time alive, how much damage taken, most damaging attack, most team healing, ect. There’s lots of stuff you can track for yourself. I also think yes, kills and specialist kills (but only you can see individual ones, so it’s your word against everyone else).

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hmm ive definitely had a few like that myself, i think surprise difficulty spikes where it just drops an obsceneamount of elites on you at once account for the majority.

most games are good though im playing malic? 3rd one. mostly only seen one person ninja a med station , ammo tends to be a little more each to thier own :wink: but again depends couple of vets and no ones bothering to even pick it up.

most times i see unit cohesion break up is when people panic and sprint for the chopper! or when doing raids and one tries to run off with the cargo. investigations can get messy to.

im perfectly happy with the level of team play ive seen in my 60 hours so far, but im not saying that wont deteriate over time or that the score card’s abscence is even a significant facter.

Ok I tried it and “the meatgrinder” is actually pretty handy.
Still doesn’t tell you how you did in the whole mission though.
Ok you can test individual things but I want to play several games with this and several games with that weapon and be able to compare the overall damage I did.

Like there is some 3% crit chance thing on a knife.
How useful are those 3% actually?
Doesn’t seem very useful to me overall.
But I may be wrong.
So, I have to play games and try to pay attention how many crits I do?
That’s hella annoying.

a lot of perople are being dramatic that it needed to be removed in the first place. I LOVED the end of mission score board. I could see if the build I was going for was working as I had hoped

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