Where is the Damage Feedback?

In Vermintide there was a damage feedback screen at the end of the match, so you can see where you can do better in your role and who did the most work and such things. Am i missing it or didn’t you integrate it. For me this was the most rewarding thing in vermintide besides the loot. I want to see what i have done in a match.

There is currently no scoreboard. Due to backlash against there not being one, they have said they will be implementing one post-launch. However, they also said they want it to show “cooperation and teamplay” or some such, so I wouldn’t put it past them to not show damage dealt and damage received, which would be ridiculous as those are the most important metrics.

Oh, okay thank you very much, then I’m relieved.

This would be a good scoreboard with all the info and without promoting toxicity.

No, when someone played bad he should be blamed and shamed, especially if he nagged the whole game. If he were new he could say he was new. Are we in Snowflakehammer 40k?

Blamed and shamed ? Boy I feel bad for your childhood ; and your children.
Blamed and shamed works, and yelling is easy, but explaining and correcting works much better.

People often don’t even realize what they do wrong, and scoreboards hardly reflect how well a player played (except for damage taken maybe).
Take time to tell people “you should wait at drops until everyone is there, cause if 3 drop and the last one gets grabbed by a special we can’t help them”, instead of yelling at the dude who went to grab ammo and got jumped while y’all didn’t wait for him.
Stay grouped, cover the dude interacting with the servo-skull, don’t fight in places where you can get surrounded, focus the pox bomber before he can jump to us when you hear him, push dogs, mutants can be dodged ; there is a lot of info new players aren’t aware of and it helps a lot more to tell them than to yell at them and let them figure it out.

Huh, cool story broh.
Worked in Vermintide 2, why always take working features out of games.
“Boy I feel bad for your childhood ; and your children.” ah, we got a candidate here.
I hope they didn’t take out the mute/block feature.