Could everything that is sped up with spacebar please go faster by default?

The endscreens and loot messages were needlessly, painfully slow for years, but then you added the “hold space to speed up” functionality somewhat recently. This was appreciated very, very much.

Chaos Wastes launches, and now you’ve added a countdown to the stats screen that requires everyone press a button to move on, and… call me crazy, but it feels like the the endgame process takes even longer than it did before because

A) many players are unaware of the spacebar functionality, and

B) many players seem also to be unaware of the new button requirement.

I just Do. Not. Get. It. Why does every single aspect of the game apart from the core gameplay have to be the maximum amount of ergonomically crippled?


I feel ya. I was just wondering what that ‘return to keep’ button does at the stat screen after CW. Because no matter how hard we mash it, we still have to wait for the timer to run out every single time.
Also it is fun to get incapacitated because you had a boon description window (none of which are skippable BTW) covering your whole field of view after you claim a chest of trials.
I don’t know what it is - sometimes it feels like the developers never ever play their own game at all.

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Oh my. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one to feeling this.

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Agreed. On my wish list would also be a stats screen on the pause menu or something with last 5 matches played. Imagine a piece of paper on the wall near the shop that shows your last 5 games end game stats.

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Then someone isn’t hitting the button. It only skips the timer if all players accept it.

My general reaction to seeing these was, “Oh, so they can put messages in the middle of the screen without freezing the game, they just choose not to.”

It would be nice if they would simply migrate all center-screen messages up to the killfeed corner and stop taking control from players during asinine loot messages. I will not ever feel compelled to pause and contemplate a shilling reward.

Athanor upgrading is especially bad about this, though it’s not like anyone is playing Weaves.

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Mostly agree:

  • Don’t Change Default Speed. There’s a lot of stuff going on and new players will definitely miss things if it zips by too fast.
  • Quicker UI Rewards option. Add a checkbox in the options menu that lets rewards always play at maximum speed.
  • Increase Fast Forward Speed. Holding spacebar should accelerate things faster than it currently does.
  • Leave Party Button. In addition to “Return to Keep”, you should be able to just leave the party. The fact that the fastest way for me to start a new run is to ALT+F4 and reload the game rather than wait for those 45 seconds is pretty bad.
  • Add More Stats. Ally assists to measure when you save an ally from being hit; friendly fire; temp HP gain; Healing Given; Healing Used – probably these all have to sub-categorized somehow (like with rollover text or something), but a lot of these new stats I’m proposing are designed to make the game feel like it’s directing players to do some of these better actions (like healing others or preventing them from being hit). In another thread a player rightly mentioned the game should do a better job of encouraging positive actions like that and I totally agreed.

The last one is trickiest, since it has some edge cases and you’d want to be able to do it as the host without punting all the remaining players mid-score-sequence. But at a minimum players who aren’t the host shouldn’t be forced to sit and wait for everything.

Hopefully in the next game the score screen is designed so you don’t really have to sit and wait for sequences to play out at all. I mean the stuff they have isn’t bad, it definitely logically walks through the different causes to each reward in a way that explains the systems elegantly, but I think you can get a lot of that with a tabbed end screen where experts can immediately skip past the rewards to view the score.

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