MOAR chests!

whatever the future of crafting plans, this presents a big problem for anything that is cooked up as a crafting solution in the future, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I usually wait until I’ve got 20 Legend chests/Vaults before going through the chore of opening them, but even that is wholly pointless for me at the moment. The only Character I haven’t got full reds for is Kerrilian, and that because…well… elves.

Couple that with 25k scrap and a heap of dust up to the ceiling and any future development plans for crafting - or anything to do with chests - need to consider those players, like me, who have enough materials to rebuild Taal’s horn Keep from the ground up.

So rather than bemoan the current state of crafting (FYI It’s bad) what’s the solution?

Giving some shillings for opening chests might mean players can buy top-tier stuff almost immediately. This might be a good way of rewarding player loyalty while VT2 blundered from one buggy mess to the next but surely there’s a whole challenge of what to do with all the materials?

I’d also like to see who’s got the most unopened chests :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m fairly certain this won’t happen. I don’t really feel like digging up the relevant posts right now so don’t take this as the “official reason”, this is just what I recall being said at some point.
Base game chests won’t change in any significant way because they don’t want to incentivise chest hoarding.

Personally I don’t think handing out shillings for opening chests is a good idea.
Would this work retroactively?
If so, I imagine people would just clear out the Emporium immediately and then complain about not having anything to spend their shillings on.

If not, it would not reward player loyalty unless you’re also hoarding chests. I’ve been here since day one but would receive nothing for my loyalty simply because I open my chests.

I assume these players will be considered for the crafting overhaul. The issue of massive amounts of pretty much useless Scrap was brought up in a stream and I believe they said we’ll get something to spend it on.


i stopped opening boxes for like e_e … 7 or 8 months now and its been stocking up. would be nice to have some uses with this mountain of boxes lmao!


ill take some of those chests if you dont mind. Send them over to my xbox character please.
XBL- KorbenDallas504
Thanks in advanced! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is bait or just a rhetorical statement, but you aren’t able to send chests between players.

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I’ve been asking for something to open my chests for a long time, and we’re still the same.
I currently don’t play Vermintide, but I have more than 200 chests waiting to be opened on something.
It´s absurd that we are for almost a year with mountains of chests kept with nothing to open them. The game screams for something to open the chests, such as new heroes (to create new builds and look for new hats), a weapons-only DLC or an NPC that exchanges chests for illusion or improvements for the castle and decorate it even more.

I will continue waiting and watching the forum for news to play it again.


I do believe that equipment and crafting system must be completely reworked
It only works for the beginners, but once you’ve played up to about 500 hours it does nothing and you just keep piling it up the materials.

Devs should develop mechanics to get use of the excess resources in a way that in not obligatory, not a game changer for the beginner players so they don’t get frustrated if they won’t have enough to do it, and at the same time effectively clean the clutter of the veteran players.

I love what they did in DIablo 3 for example. its loot system is one of the most dynamic and well-thought. You never left frustrated if out of everything, and if stuck up you always have something to invest your piles of resources in.

Well there should be no fu… shillings anyway, there is already 6 types of materials or how many, those should be used for crafting deeds and buying stuff… not new crap on top of mountains of materials people have already.

There needs to be meaningful material sink. Currently any chests or materials are 100% useless for me and many other players.


Agreed. Yes, the Emporium was a good opportunity to add this but it seems we’re getting it with the crafting overhaul instead.

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I have about the same amount, but with more lower-tier crap from when I upped my secondary careers.
The thing is, I don’t open them not because I don’t need stuff - I still do for some of the secondary chars I play. I hoard them because the process of opening them is so incredibly and indescribably soul-killing and mind-numbingly stupid, that I just don’t have the heart for it. I grit my teeth every time I have to sit through the amazingly unengaging and useless “chest movie” at the end of every round, and by the time I’m in the keep and get my controls back so I can actually play the game, I can’t bring myself to spend another second on this loot nonsense.

That’s another point - I’d love to share stuff, but I think the devs are reluctant to implement any kind of sharing because of all the moderating they will have to do to on that part. That is understandable. What is not, thought, is that for a game aspect that gets so little dev effort this whole loot/crafting rubbish takes up a jolly great amount of player time in my opinion.

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