5 shillings instead of emperors chest for daily quest?

Why am I only get 5 shillings instead of the emperor chest for completing dailies? Is this an error are we supposed to get both? Has cousin okri gambled away all the chests to pay for the emporium thinking we are going to buy all these recolours and not notice the emperor chests missing. Are we getting them any time soon or will it only be 5 shillings. This wasnt In the beta and is a pretty annoying change really.


Cousing okri gambled away all the chest.
And it was indeed asked by most in the beta to get others means to get shilling.
I do indeed prefer even 1 shilling over 5 blue/green/orange dust myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually plan on writing a post on feedback subforum about this. While I’m personally grateful that we’re getting the ability to get daily progress on shillings, and do prefer the 5 shillings to the emperor chest, I think this is crippling for new players, who really do benefit from getting such a high quality chest every day to help boost them. And, idk, I’ve flat out gotten red items from the daily quest emperor chest, that was nice, too.

I think it’s better if it gave both. 5 shillings AND an emperor chest. It’d help both, and there’s no reason not to. The players who are chasing shillings most likely don’t need emperor chests, and the players who don’t play legend or who just started the game want that chest, but don’t need the shillings.
It’s probably some sort of limitation in how they programmed quests, and it needs to be overcome. All quests and challenges have, so far, only given 1 reward. That’s not a coincidence, that’s most likely a limitation. And I think the game would benefit from them coding in the baseline for quests and challenges rewarding more than one item. And the first step should be… 5 shillings and an emperor champion chest from daily quests.


They could just let you choose if you want chest or shillings…

Actually they have to implement some UI to ask you this. So this is not simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, yes. The sentiment FS has for everything they do. There can be only one way to do anything and nobody can have a better idea than us, so whatever we do, doesn’t need to be adjustable in the least…