Daily quests rewards an insult

Getting 5 shillings for completing a daily quest is an insult, plain and simple.

There is NO reason to log in and do it.

Please raise it to give the same reward as a weekly quest. There are only maximum 7 of them in a week, so there is no way this can ruin the in-game economy.


Daily Quests give you 15 * 365 Schillings plus 50 * 52 (the Weekly Quest that requires several Daily Quests)
That comes out to over 8000 Schillings if you play every day of the year.

In terms of pure Schillings, that’s not great, not terrible. Fully agreed that’s it’s not much of an incentive in isolation though. They really should still give you at least some form of chest like they used to.
Maybe even reward players with crafting materials as well.

Edit: Seems I got my amount of dailies quite wrong

Wait 15x365? Don’t you only get three dailies if you haven’t done them for the last two days? Shouldn’t it be 5x365 or am I missing something here?

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You only get 5 shillings per day, so for logging in every day over a year daily quests yields 1825 shillings.

In comparison doing weekly quests for 52 weeks gives 18200 (assuming you have all DLCs).


Is that how it works? Somehow I never paid attention to how dailies refresh

That’s one nice hat per year for doing every daily (so logging in and clearing them out at least once every 3 days). How rewarding.

Yerp. It’s even worse than you thought lol.

I’d honestly be fine with about 15 per daily. Still stingy but not insultingly so. If anything ruins the shilling economy it’ll be the release rate of cosmetics more than anything else.

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Fatshark has said during numerous streams that it would not be possible to get every hat in the shop during each cycle. This is supposed to allow the player to pick and choose the cosmetics they want the most. These cosmetics get rotated over time so if you miss an item because you were short on shillings then you would have to wait for it to return to the shop.

It’s the same concept in most modern games. Developers add limited time events/items and the player will try to work hard to collect everything. If they don’t then they keep playing so they don’t miss when those events/items come back. Most developers do this so it’s nothing new.

November 7, 2018 Interview with FS CEO, Martin Wahlund

Full PC Gamer Interview

While the argument for them being scarce and as such restricting the Shilling income probably still holds true in their planning, I just want to point out that the rotation/cycle system has been abolished afaik.

Also, I still have to wonder what happened to the July batch of new cosmetics …… They said they don’t want to hold back content which is ready which implies they have been “nearly complete” for the last four months. Either they nuked their files or the worker had a change of occupation (within company or away from company) ….


I thought the cosmetic rotation was tied directly to the Weaves Season change. Is this not the case anymore?

You mean for the new premium cosmetics that were supposed to drop? I do believe we did get the shilling cosmetics in July. That red hat for Shade and those 2 red hats for Pyro I think.

While I kinda agree that 5 shillings for a daily quest is pathetic in all meanings, let’s do some math.
Let’s assume that a certain player wishes to get all cosmetics and thus completes all dailies and weeklies.
So he does daily quest every day, which means 365 daily quests with reward of 5 shillings per year.
In the mean time, he also does all weekly quests each week, and that means 7 weekly quests with a reward of 50 shillings every week per year (let’s assume a year is 52 weeks).
Considering this information, let’s calculate yearly income of this player:
365 * 5 + 50 * 7 * 52 = 1825 + 18200 = 20025.
So, it’s 20025 shillings per year.
Let’s make another assumption and say that an exotic hat has an average price of 1800 shillings and calculate amount of these hats the player who obtained all of the shillings can buy:
20025 / 1800 ≈ 11.
As we see, it’s 11 top tier hats every year if prices remain the same.
My assessement? Umgak. We need more money and more hats.


To add to this, scarce items aren’t valuable because they’re scarce but because they’re ALSO desirable (although admittedly, their rarity does contribute to their desirability).

I think a BIG problem with the current cosmetics in the shop is lazy design.

Too many hats are so similar in their look and design as to be almost indistinguishable. Even worse, the hero skins for each career are shameless copies of each other, albeit with different colors and some small token variation in the decorations.

This isn’t real choice but the illusion of choice and once players realize this they either save up their shillings for those cosmetics that are worth getting or give up grinding for them.

If the shop cosmetics were more original and distinguishable (such as the hats you can purchase using real money) they could sell for a higher price in shillings, (e.g. 1000+) while remaining both scarce and desirable.

How is this relevant to the discussion?
Even if daily shilling rewards were increased, I don’t think this would address the problem of the lack of choice in the cosmetics store.

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