Let's Talk "Daily Rewards"?

Um… What kind of nonsense is it?

Log in each day for 5/10/15/w/e garbagecoins?
What is the point of that?
Don’t you already have daily quests which provide rewards for actually playing the game?
I have like 30k of the garbagecoin with no means to spend it: you cannot buy careers with it, you cannot buy DLC with it.
Not that I don’t have them, mind it, but I strongly believe that dedicated players should be rewarded somehow. I don’t consider a piglet on salty’s head a reward, mind it too…
I’m all for removing this daily log-in mobile game garbage trash and beefing up (a bit) daily quests maybe?

V1 had (I guess still has) a good system of 3 random rewards. Choose one item that you fancy and grind for it. I got some reds and a perfect roll orange this way.

I have this suggestion:
Create a bounty (an open hand emperor chest - you can see what rewards you can get)
Then the players choose 1 reward they like. Then they have to complete a list of tasks akin to the weekly questing (or more).
Then spice it up by providing a new chest. Now a player has to choose whether to continue working on the current bounty, play more games to finish the current bounty faster and start working on the next reward or abandon the progress on the current item because the new one is much better.
In my opinion it is a way more enticing way of luring me into the game each day - to check what reward I might choose than this slap-in-the-face-mobile-game-login.

You’re better than this FS!

P.S. This whole post was made possible by the fact that the UI mod is broken again. I have a Saturday, nay, a free Saturday to kill skaven and chaos filth. On top of that there is a new career! But nooooope, cruel Ranald’s joke…

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