Daily Login Bonus

Vermintide 2 is probably not the right type of game for this but it would be neat if we had some sort of a daily login bonus. The rewards could increase in value the longer you can log into the game.

I think it would be a great tool for new players to get a head start in the game.

Items that could be potential daily rewards:
-Crafting dust/materials
-Exclusive cosmetics (something not obtainable in game or premium shop)

Possible 7/14/28 day consecutive login bonus rewards:
-XP boost (possibly a consumable item so they can be saved for a later date)
-small pouch of red dust (amount TBD at the discretion of FS)
-large pouch of shillings
-random red item

A lot of players have been complaining there are not enough XP events or alternative ways of obtaining shillings and red dust. This could potentially bridge that gap and might incentivize players to continue to play or at least get them to login each day for the rewards.

Thoughts or ideas on what could be potential daily rewards?



You do have daily quests, though they were probably more meaningful for new players back when they awarded chests. I think that in the grand scheme of things it’s healthiest for people to log in and play because they find the game to be fun, and that in and of itself is returning value for their time. Tying some kind of extrinsic reward to logging in can slide down an awkward path if managed poorly, and I’m not sure how well it will be received by the people who can’t log in daily, if they feel that they’re losing something of significance.

One of my favorite things about V2 is that it doesn’t make me feel like I have to log in and play every day. I’ll just boot it up and play whenever I want to/have the time.
If I miss a couple of days it doesn’t matter.

For me, something like this would just be really annoying. Especially the bit about consecutive login bonuses.
Just imagine, having logged in every day for 20+ days, the day before your big bonus life happens and for whatever reason you cant log in. Streak broken… bonus gone… zero fun.

If new players really need some kind of head start, I don’t think this is the right way to go.


To be fair, V1 had the 12 days of Christmas where you could log in each day to get random loot.

I kind of miss that.

That was part of a nice celebration for Verm1’s final Christmas. It’s a nice thing for sure, but it would lose it’s charm if it becomes routine. Also, it may or may not have been a kind of public test for Verm2’s loot system. If memory serves, the chests had a different look but carried the same sounds and animations found in the sequel.

For a short amount of time this might be okay. But not continuously. The thing is that from a psychological perspective people don’t feel rewarded for login in. They feel punished if they have missed it. It can easily become obsessive and cause bad habits or even stress when unable to login for a prolonged time like a family vacation. Such practices should actually not be supported for any game. It might be less obnoxious for games/software you can access while mobile. Vermintide doesn’t belong in this category.

Gameplay-wise it doesn’t make much sense either for Fatshark. Because a login bonus makes people login. But not stay. For the game health, it is needed that people actually play the game. This is what the daily quests are trying to achieve. The daily quest system as well as the Weekly Quests are purposefully designed in a way that you have to log in once every three days and play for about an hour and two tol be able to get most of the rewards.


Dailies are the worst soul sucking reward system imagined… no thanks


I don’t think so. Daily rewards got me to play ESO for another year after I was debating on quitting.

Then I quit because of what ZoS did with the Elsweyr chapter. Paid $60 for one zone but only half came out, six months later, they expected people to another $60 for the other half despite saying it was supposed to be included.

No offense at all, but I absolutely despise this system in all mobile games because it’s toxic as hell. I don’t want to see it there or anywhere. I’d rather have some other kind of reward system, if any. Okri challenges are good for me as it is though.

I think a better way to approach this would be to make DLC weapons not require 5 red dust. Or just lower the requirements for crafting a red. Aside from the pulped horse that is “crafting rework”, a deed rework could incorporate something to help with this issue. I still stand by my statement though that salvaging 5 reds to make 1 is a lot, even if it’s one of your choice.

This and the fact that the matches are pretty “bite sized” is nice.


I think that proved Copper’s point :upside_down_face:

Ont: I think it’s better to move in the same direction as christmas event. To make it more accessible instead of less.

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