Daily reward for visiting Lohner's Emporium

First thing first: Beautiful Christmas to everyone!
Now to what I want to say.
When the Daily Rewards for visiting Lohner’s Emporium show up I thought that it is only some Event before Christmas. I was very disappointed to find out that this was not true and the “Event” is permanent. You may be wondering why I’m dealing with such a small thing. Why don’t I just ignore it if I don’t like it. Let me explain:
Playing games is about feelings. Everything you work on in the game is not real and you do it just because of feelings. So feelings are important, right? And… When someone forces you into something and punishes you, if you don’t, it’s not pleasant. It doesn’t matter if it’s something important or just a small thing like a couple of virtual shillings in a game. Do you understand? And when something forces you into something every day, you will feel worse every day and you will hate it more and more.
Another thing is that it’s not good to play even the best game every day. It will make you bored.
I like how the Quests are made in Vermintide 2. You can take 3 days off from the game and not lose anything. So it doesn’t matter if you go on a trip or want to play something else. But these daily rewards are something else. They are even exactly after 24 hours, so one picks shillings later and later every day. And sooner or later he starts sleeping less and less. Which is a good way to get in a bad mood.
I’m an adult and I can ignore these things, but young people tend to take games as real things that matter.
I really hope you cancel these daily rewards, because otherwise many players will probably start leaving the game because they will find that instead of joy, they are starting to cause more and more stress.
In addition, Vermintide 2 has joined stupid games such as League of Legends and the like with this daily rewards.

It wouldn’t be nice if such a sophisticated and well-done game like Vermintide 2 disappeared because of something so insignificant…

I suppose it’s a good thing then that you only get a meagre amount of coin and low level chests from these rewards, so there is very little (if anything) in the way of FOMO for players.

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Feelings appear regardless of the amount of the reward. It’s the same principle as with the “likes” on Facebook.

Merry Christmas!

I mean, you can argue that with the daily quests too, they ‘force’ you to play at least one every three days, and the weeklies each week.

Best is to just ignore them. Shillings aren’t important unless you want specific cosmetics, I much rather have reds.

As far as MMOs go I generally ignore dailies and if I happen to complete them while playing normally, great. It feels much nicer to play for fun/shrug off the time limited tasks than play for a checklist. I guess I don’t disagree with your point on how it can feel but I’m not sure this particularly will turn away potential players, most friends I have couldn’t care less for the dailies and weeklies as is.

It’s healthier to have your reason for doing the dailies be that you were going to play anyway, not to play because you don’t want to miss out on dailies.

I do agree on the 24h timer being weird, I keep missing mine as I’m on at inconsistent times and then forget as I’m not gonna lose sleep to get shillings.


The system is a bit strange and I can partially agree with the argumentation in the OP.

However, simply from a fact perspective I want to add that the “Daily Rewards” basically can be picked up each 48 hours. After activating the dailies, the first 24 hours you can’t get anything. After that time passed you have another 24 hours to activate the next dailies. So while it can cause a shift to later hours each day, you could also see it as:

  • Activating at the end of your session at day 1
  • Activate at the beginning of your session at day 3
  • Activate at the end of your session at day 4

And so forth. It gives your mind a bit more flexibility for getting to the “eight” day, unless you want to “maximize your profits” by getting the “dailies” daily.

Yes it is true. But getting in two days what you can get in one means lose something.
I will probably start ignoring it very soon, because I already have almost all cosmetics, but as I said: It is about feelings.

Is this why we never got back Chest rewards for Daily Quests?

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That’s because of Lohner’s emporium, I think.

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