Lohner’s Emporium Daily Reward Improvements

I really enjoy daily rewards systems in video games. They encourage the player to at least log in every day and might lead the player to think “Well I’m logged in anyway, let’s play a match” thus boosting player numbers. However the implementation of the daily system in V2 has several issues that make me not even want to interact with it.

You can only get your next reward exactly 24 hours after you picked up the previous one

Why? Almost all games that I play with daily systems have a reset time (typically UTC 00:00) that all the daily rewards, quest tracking, etc click over to the next day. That way you can log in anytime during the day and pick up your daily without worrying when you did it yesterday. For example, I’m sitting in V2 right now with 2 more hours remaining until I can get my daily while all my other games have allowed me to collect their rewards. Why am I being punished with no reward because my gaming time tonight was a couple hours earlier than yesterday?

The daily rewards are mostly insignificant and uninteresting

Oh look, a few shillings and some low level chests…how exciting. How about some red dust? I mean I need a bunch of the stuff since none of the DLC weapons drop in chests and I need 5 per DLC weapon to upgrade my crafted weapons (which is an entirely different issue). Putting some juicy rewards like a “guaranteed red chest” or something in the reward track would get me actively excited about my daily logins to V2. Right now I only interact with it to get rid of the icon that shows up when you have uncollected rewards.

If I miss a few days my daily progress resets

Like seriously? I am a functional adult with work and family, I don’t always get a chance to play every single night. Why the hell does my progress reset if I miss my daily reward? This is actively encouraging me to never interact with the system because I have to keep up with it like a responsibility instead of the leisure activity its supposed to be. The daily should just sit there and wait for me to pick it up and slowly progress through as I get a chance to log in.

How does V2 fix their daily system?

Here is a simple fix:

  1. Download Guild Wars 2

  2. Copy their daily login rewards system

  3. ???

  4. Profit

They do everything correct when it comes to daily logins.

  1. Regular reset times that are flexible for the player’s schedule

  2. Exciting and expensive crafting items to reward and engage the player

  3. Pauses and resumes where it left off so the player isn’t punished for taking a few days off


Gib free stuff naow, oh there is already free stuff GIB MORE FREE STUFF

You are as polite and informative as ever.

Care to actually elaborate your point and provide some arguments?
Even if you are saying something reasonable and worth considering, the way you pitch it always makes it feel like a veiled insult, rather than a valid inpuit. And makes it all the harder to agree with you EVEN when you are right. Nobody wants to uspport a rude person.

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Because you dont have any sensible arguments. Red dust for free? What the hell. Yeah just throw out all of progresssion out of window its already skewered hard to be as fast as possible. Its free stuff that can be safely ignored same as daily challenges people rage over something that they can’t farm but when they get option to get it with normal playing they are even more mad because its low amount.

You won’t buy more than 5-6 hats from lohner but most of ppl that rage over it act like they want every hat possible

Not quite the same though. The daily quests are easily ignored.
The new “log in reward” comes with an amazingly annoying floaty icon in the keep.

But that doesn’t excuse you for being rude and not explaining what your point is.
If the discussion is “too stupid to put any effort into it”, then you should either not engage in it, or consider if you expect too much from other people.
People don’t become knowledgeable if you “just troll them hard enough”.

But I like to antagonize ppl because then they throw out some arguments why their idea have any sense :smiley:
And troll them hard enough works most of time. Plus don’t expect FS to do anything about daily rewards when they still did nothing about deeds.
They could rework deeds and make them daily rewards in that way it would be best of those 2

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What progression lol


Isn’t that against the forum rules?

That little neat way to promote using other weapons with higher power.

On one hand, yeah it can be better. But they already implemented this so expect absolutely NOTHING from them. If they make good on their 2022 convictions, maybe a response let alone some changes.

On the other, it’s not too big of a deal. Shillings? You can get those by just playing and claiming dailies? Chests? F@shark have already made use of your EXP gain system to give you commendation chests along with whatever you earn from regular finished missions. With one session play session you at least earn 1 or 2 chests minimum. That’s better than nothing.

Not to say your feelings aren’t valid. Far from it. Nothing wrong with expecting better.

In conclusion? Bloons Tower Defense 6 is superior for that sweet monkey money.

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