Daily Freebies Feedback

For the daily free rewards that run a timer off when the player gets it, rather than a set time every day, will push a player to receive it later and later every day until they inevitably will not get it (which breaks the cycle). Rather than having a 24 hour timer, it should either be a set time every day or every 22 hours. It would be a significant improvement over the current system and it only requires a quick data change.

I also noticed that it resets the timer once you get it. So if you get it 18 hours after it is available, the timer is still 24 hours. This could really use a looking at.

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Yeah, I absolutely agree with that.
I liked on Vermintide 2 that, unlike other online games, you only need to turn on the game after three days because of the daily quests stack. So you just could play if you wanted to and you didn’t have to turn on the game if you didn’t want to. Now you have to start the game every day and at the exact time, if you do not want to lose the rewards. It’s terribly annoying.
This is one of the few things that annoys me in this otherwise amazing game.

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