Daily rewards ("login "bonus"")

as i cant find a topic about it with official answer (with quick search at least), so im asking here, pardon the intrusion and possible copy (where the og at then? (me blind)).
since i choose to believe “reward” cooldown not being tied to reset of normal dailies (which is usually around 3am my time, and would have been imo the obvious go-to option) is a bug or oversight, and not a deliberate and malicious ploy or annoucement of some sort of Tzeentch’s “plan within plan that has a plan within in, with a side of plan and portion of double plan as extra” shenanigan, my question is: will it be “fixed” or “amended” or modified (the timer) in any way, anytime soon, or is it really as intented, full 24hours from accepting and will stay that way forever ? thanks for answers ^^

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