Daily Reward Reminder

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Back in the day after the introduction of Lohner’s Daily Reward system, a popup would appear in the same place where “You have unclaimed rewards” popup said “Daily reward is available” or whatnot. I have not seen this in months. I do not recall making any changes in the settings. My memory is not the best for this sort of thing so the reminder was extremely helpful. I am active every day and more than half the time I forget about the reward altogether because of this. Is there any chance to bring the reminder back?

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  1. Join the game with the daily reward ready to pick up
  2. (nothing - no popup shows up)

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam


No FS, please no. I am so glad that that annoying thing is gone. If anything make it switchable on/off.

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It only shows up when the reward is ready for grabs and it takes like 10 seconds to pick up so it’s not really annoying?

It is very annoying because the game bothers you with something totally unimportant every day.