Daily Rewards - Feedback

There have already been a few feedbacks which shows that the system is basically functional, however has obvious room for improvement. So, I will go through the system as I understand it and suggest some minor changes to it.

The first question which arises is the purpose of the daily rewards. Most likely scenario is to get players to log in daily and get them to play a bit and/or to make players taking a look into Lohner’s Emporium (because you could just give the daily reward for logging in). The system hereby consists of two phases:

  • the reward phase where you can get you daily bonus if you log in again after 24 hours
  • the punishment phase when you don’t log in for two consecutive days

This naturally leads to some issues:

  • With the rigid 24 hours between two rewards it can easily happen that the daily reward gets later and later, falling out of the usual playtime of the players. While they can skip a day and have another 24 hours to get the reward, it is still annoying.
  • With the 24 hours punishment phase people can easily miss out when their time schedule changes at a time. People will also not log in to play but because they feel they have to in order to not miss out. This is counter-productive to the goal. Because if a player is in a bad mood he will neither play nor spend Shillings/Money in the Emporium. He will log in, take the reward and log out
  • The 24 hours counter for both phases make them run against each other. For the reward phase to stay in the player’s usual schedule he wants to take it as early as possible. For the punishment phase he wants to have it as late as possible in order to have better chances on not missing it by a few minutes/hours.

So all in all you have a system that doesn’t make the player feel rewarded but more like forced. As mentioned before that isn’t that good actually (and for feedback’s sake we skip over the point if the Shilling’s are worth the hassle anyway).

With that in mind, I would like to suggest two minor changes:

  • Make the punishment phase longer, at least from 24 hours to 48 hours. Or actually, just remove it completely. There is no reason why the consecutive rewards should be broken for not logging in. That way, people are more likely to only log in when they want to and actually be healthy for the game. And the incentive to log in daily to maximise rewards is still given.
  • Handing in a daily task (after completion) reduces the timer of the reward phase by 1 hour. With this the player has a tool in order to readjust the daily reward time with his usual schedule. Over the course of a week, this means seven hours. This is hardly enough to exploit it for people trying really hard, but more than enough to adjust the timer. It may also motivate people to quickly finish the daily task when they log in.

Overall, I think these little changes would improve the system. Also, if you want people to check Lohner’s Emporium more often then more Shilling cosmetics might be a good start.


It’s a great suggestion. Would be awesome if we get feedbacks from posts like this one from time to time… wouldn’t it devs?

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the only thing i dont understand about the daily rewards is why it doesn’t keep moving forward when you miss a day or more.

other games do it on a monthly basis with a 5-10 grace period with a possibility of getting all rewards despite missing a few days due to schedule.

if i dont pick up the shillings off of day 1, it will just stay at day 1 and that makes no sense. it should keep moving forward but then on the flip side, the rewards aren’t really worth picking up anyways so it’s a double edged sword unless you’re a brand new player.

new cosmetics in lohner’s emporium was supposed to rotate with each new weave season… and it did for a time but we’ve been stuck on season 4 since Dec 2020