Daily rewards should be on a per day basis rather than strict 24 hour rotation

Current situation is: You pick up your daily reward. The next rewards is available in exactly 24 hours from that. This does not respect the time of the player, as it pushes the window of being able to pick up the daily further and further.

But the daily reward is worthless anyway.

It’s not, since there are a lot of 50 coin cosmetics are in the game. And even if it was, who cares, it’s a feature in the game, and the least that could be expected is that it worked well.

Instead of the 24 hour delay between rewards, they should be possible to pick up every day at any time between 0:00:00 and 23:59:59, in the player’s timezone.



For a quick fix, it could become available every 20-ish hours instead of 24h.

This way, if you play every day at roughly the same hour, you 'll alwasy be able to get your daily reward, even if you started a bit later yesterday and sooner today.

Deep Rock Galactic got a 21 hour timer on daily stuff and it is working quite well.

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I don’t like DRG gameplay, but I will say it has a lot of QOL stuff that’s missing from the tide games.

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And the weird thing is, they did that for the Wintertide rewards. They can do it, they just don’t want to do it. (It being a lower priority still falls under don’t want to do it).

For starters, the developers actually listen to the community and have implemented popular ideas into the base game on several occasions. They’re also quite chill, regularly talk to the community and have livestreams twice a week playing the Deep Dives.

Cannot recommend DRG enough, even if it isn’t a game for everyone.

makes sense