Can you reverse the change that make dailies effortless?
Before it was a small achievement to complete a daily or a weekly task.
Now you get patted on the head for failing runs…
Also, can we get meaningful rewards we can use our coins on - we used to get gear in chests, not that useless cosmetics.


Yeah letss get useless gear that you will not even bother to open because champion sucks.

Nah i want my 5 coins than useless chest


Shillings are way better than Emporer’s chests. At least I can do something with shillings.

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Five shekels is still lame. I doubt the hat economy would crash if every completion rewarded that much.

I’d rather see the contract board make a return.


They’d be more worth it if they were Legend chests. I wouldn’t think an extra General’s or Emperor’s Vault every day would break anything. Have it tied to the highest difficulty you’ve won a match on and keep the 5 shekels as well.

Ie, you’ve completed a level on legend difficulty? Now you get 5 shillings plus a General’s/Emperor’s Vault. Probably just General’s though.

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Should be at least 25 shillings and an emperors chest per daily, at least that might be useful to veterans and newer players alike.


That’s your point of view. I can do nothing with this garbage currency that’s why I’d like it to change^^

I’m amazed there’s anyone still defending 5 shillings as a daily despite this being one of the most recurring topics here.

Quick math: At 5 shillings a day, if you do every single daily you can get a single one of those nice 1800 shilling hats once every… basically once a year. For doing your daily literally every day.

Yeah at least the Emp Chests are useful to <500 hours players. 5 shillings is useful to nobody. If you think they are useful to you, you’re objectively wrong and frankly terrible at basic math. 5 shillings is the very definition of stingy. After 700 hours I’d still take the Emp’s chest every time.


I too would rather have an item at a different hue of blue instead of increasing my odds of red items.

Personally, I think neither 1 Emperor’s Chest nor 5 Shillings is enough incentive to log on and play every third day, or adjust your playstyle to complete them. The reward is just too miniscule. They should increase the daily reward or make the reward incremental if they want to make them worthwile to do.

For the average player, 5 Shillings per day won’t matter much. At best, they make it possible to buy something like the Gilded Candlegate after 5 weeks of grinding instead of 6 weeks. Or you get to buy an extra Bogenhafen cosmetic every other week. Then you have the players with thousands of hours and the completionists. For those, 5 Shillings per day might make more of a difference.
I currently need 29130 more Shillings to buy everything in the store. If I were to only do weekly quests, that would take me 84 weeks. If I do every daily quest too, it would “only” take 76 weeks.

One advantage 5 Shillings have over 1 Emperor’s Chest is that you always get rewarded for your efforts. Emperor’s Chests were actually worthless when you did not get a red from it. Logging on every 3rd day, completing the tasks, and then getting nothing for it wasn’t very satisfying. And with only 4,8% chance of getting a red from 1 Emperor’s Chest, getting nothing was usually the result.
And when you do get a red from such a chest, it usually won’t be a red item you need if you are a long-time player. Those players usually have all the reds and red dust they need, unless they are missing some red illusions. So even if such a player got a red from the chest, the chance of getting something useful would be very, very low.

New players would certainly benefit from getting a red, regardless of what item they got (since they can get red dust from it), but the chance to get one is still very low. The chests might also slightly help completionists (more chances to get those last few red illusions), but considering that it will literally take years to buy out the store, I think completionists are going to get their red illusions long before getting all Shilling cosmetics.

All in all, I think 5 Shillings is an upgrade from 1 Emperor’s Chest, since the reward is guaranteed and is something both new and old player can make use of. But the reward is definitely not good enough.

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I agree. I think they should maybe add illusions to daily quests, or add enough shillings + add all illusions to LE and make us able to buy one illusion when doing dailies.

Another good thing could be to give us the choice on what to get. Either shillings/chest or, example, illusions.
I think the best one is still adding all illusions to the store and make them cost like 5-15 shillings so players are able to buy 3 normal illusions or 1 red illusions.

I would prefer green dust over champion chests because they will not clutter

If it’s that much, you’re getting half the amount you get from a single weekly quest every day. If you look at the value of both weekly and daily quests, you can start to understand why it is so low in comparison. They should have put it to 7 or 8 off the bat because that would be 1/7th of 50 (seven days between resets), but even that is way too low.

The whole shilling economy has been flawed from release, even the Emporium pricing factors in to it.

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That still would hardly break the hat economy. Also, let’s not pretend that weeklies are some big undertaking either, even if the shekel amounts are a bit more reasonable. The entire notion of shekels being the sole reward coupled with the overwhelming majority of emporium stuff being next to worthless really makes me scratch as to why they even bothered. They could have just made it a paid hats marketplace and reintroduced the contracts board while plunking new hats in there periodically.

The contract board would at least provide a method of obtaining certain desirable items while also establishing definitive tasks which is engaging and might make people log in to see what they might be able to get. Right now, it’s all so nebulous and poorly defined that you accomplish more or less everything just by playing normally.

I don’t remember any issues when it was a thing in V1. There’s no good reason for the regression.

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Even though I didn’t play VT1, I think you could say that about a lot of things in VT2.

My point on the weeklies was not that they ask more for a bigger reward but that there is a week between them refreshing as opposed to one day, and I think they balanced a lot of the shilling economy around those quest refresh times.

At this point I honestly think they want to keep shilling gain low because they aren’t dedicating much time to cosmetic creation and are going to continue to slowly trickle the pre-existing ones to the Emporium. I know people say this game isn’t about grinding, but unfortunately in my opinion the developers feel the opposite way.


Oh yeah. The QoL downgrades are astronomical and I’ve never seen them addressed. Shame too since I doubt they’re gonna get fixed. They had two years to to that but they instead chose to make weaves and work on versus.


I just hope they really take feedback on all this stuff to heart and use it to make Darktide amazing, cuz if they make the same mistakes again I don’t know if I’ll continue to support them.

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I’d like to play the devil’s advocate here for a bit.
You weekly income of garbage currency can be a bit higher:
There’re 7 dailies a week - you don’t have to do them every day - wait till 3 are up and do them all in 1 run.
Don’t forget about weeklies. They give 50 GC a week - and there’re like 8-10 of them (don’t remember exactly) thus by running about 4-6 maps a week you can net ~400+ GC.
So you can get about 1 hat in a month or 2.

My problem with it lies elsewhere. I have over 10k of GC - but there’s nothing worth spending it on.

A nice idea I’ve had - would be to sell some items for crafting. Atm the actually rarest items in the game are perfect oranges, so if they could maybe sell in the shops items helping you to lock one perfect stat of the item while you’re rolling the second one, or something like that.

Bruh, that’s super irrelevant, I wasn’t commenting on the whole economy, just how 5 shillings per daily compared to the old Emp Chest (AKA badly). Weeklies exist either way, so they’re no defence for the current dailies system.


I really don’t think there’s a solution for this other than FS keeping their damn promises and actually releasing cosmetics at a passable rate. This was originally meant to be the quick easy content they could pump out between major releases to keep things interesting, but for some reason it’s been the opposite, while we wait through multiple major content drops before more cosmetics are added. I really don’t think there’s any solution to the currency issue with this absurdly slow cosmetic release rate.


It was really not… It was really tedious, especially for players that play Cata+ and just want to play for fun even if they don’t win a lot of maps.

Now you get rewards for playing the game?

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