Well, in theory you could just run few recruit maps in like 3-4 minutes each and complete everything in less than a half a hour. What’s rewarding about that?
My argument about Cata+ players remains.


It makes perfect sense to me. Win or fail a run that monster was indeed killed, so why shouldn’t it count? It was unintuitive when it didn’t, frankly. Obviously books and quick play games should require completion, but for basically everything else the current system makes far more sense.

Consider this: this is a game that is most often criticised for wasting time with RNG, host disconnects, terrible loot progression etc. Now 1 minor feature has been changed so that if you log on and fail a few runs, it’s not a complete waste of your time. Lots of people don’t have huge amounts of time to play this game, so logging on for a few hours and potentially getting absolutely nothing for it is a pretty huge put off. Now that’s not as much of an issue, and as a whole the game feels more rewarding, regardless of how the runs actually go that session.

Also gotta point out, look how small the rewards are, I don’t even get how you can be upset at a pittance of shillings being handed out a bit easier now. Do you hate the idea of people with less free time than you feeling somewhat rewarded? The whole topic of this thread and OP are so absurdly petit to complain about.


You’re absolutely right about the flaws.
There’re disconnects, crashes etc…
By the way - I suggest picking up a mod that allows you to host your games. I became a much better player with less frustrating wipes. Never joined a game since that mod installation!
And I totally agree that the rewards are minute to the point of ridicule.
And yes, I agree that maybe for monsters and kills this makes some sense.
Regardless the old system made you try to finish the run, make a tough decision of maybe not picking up that grim. Now it seems you can just pick it all up, wipe and you’re a winner!
Makes very little sense to me.
It is hardly a fix in my opinion.
They should rather look at real problems that you’ve mentioned.

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The main problem is that shillings aren’t worth much, not that the chests were so good. I mean, a daily emperor’s chest is completely useless to anybody who can play Legend or already has the equipment they want. All it does for those players is cluttering the inventory with Champion deeds, basically. Even a commendation chest would be preferable, because those can at least drop hats.

But the shillings are just as pointless, as there is hardly anything to spend them on. I had high hopes for Lohner’s Emporium, but it just feels so half-assed… The content in it is scarce, and it gets new items only really slowly, which are usually just normal weapon illusions, which most people already have anyways. I have >10000 shillings stocked, I believe, with nothing I’d really want to spend them on anymore. There just needs to be a shilling sink, and then the daily shillings would be worth it.

Another common frustration is how it’s impossible to work towards the red weapon illusions you want, since they’re distributed by RNG. I’m lucky enough to have all the ones I really want, but I’m still missing a few even after playing since launch and opening probably thousands of vaults. Imagine wanting a specific illusion for your favorite weapon and still not getting it after all that time. I’m sure there are people around who feel that frustration.

A solution that would kill two Skaven with one stone could be to put the red weapon illusions in Lohner’s Emporium. For really high prices if need be, maybe even priced at thousands of shillings. Then you would have a shilling sink, something to work towards, it prevents players being overly frustrated by RNG, it helps completionists, and it makes the daily shillings feel more useful, even if it’s just a small amount.


You would only be able to kill two slave rats with one stone, and I’m not sure they are worth the effort :wink:

(no, I don’t have anything worthwhile to add to the discussion)

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I agree with everything you said but this. See my calculation further up in the thread for why. If it was doubled to 10 shillings per daily maybe it would be alright were there red illusions available in Lohner’s. At 5 shillings per daily, and with reds I still want, I’d still take the Emp chest. Can’t remember the exact drop rates but it comes to a respectable bonus to red drops, while again, 5 shillings is virtually nothing. As you said though, it’s all pretty pointless till there’s a decent amount of stuff worth getting in the Emporium.

Does it currently count losses towards QP completions? If so that’s certainly dumb, and as I said, books should also require completion.

Literally everything else though? Can’t think of a single other daily/weekly it would make sense to require map completion. Am I forgetting some? Which other ones do you think should definitely require map completion to get credited?

I get what you’re saying, but it’s a matter of relativity. If the store is full of super cool stuff and you’re near constantly on 0 shillings because of all the cool stuff you buy, even 5 shillings would be great. But 35 shillings a week compared to all the shillings from the weeklies is indeed relatively little. However, I was more commenting on the idea of shillings vs. chests as a reward for dailies. Right now, it might as well be 50 shillings / day and it would still be relatively disappointing for long time players.


Now that you can fail QP and still get progress towards the weekly “Complete 10 Quick Play Missions”, the devs should allow the mod “Host your own game” to host private QPs from the keep. Right now, you can complete the quest by hosting 10 QPs and blow up as Sienna at the start. I can totally foresee some douche (me) hosting QP, present anyone who joins with “Sry bro, suiciding for the weekly quest.”, and then kick them.

This is especially likely to happen since you don’t get progress towards the below quests by failing. Now it is faster to do the QP weekly separately by blowing up and then speedrunning a map of your choice for the rest.
-Complete the Weekly Quest
-Retrieve 15 Tomes
-Retrieve 10 Grimoires

Can you actually do that now? fail a run and it counting towards qp quest?
Is it called ‘complete quickplays’ or “play quickplays”? if the 1st one, i hope they adjusted the wording.

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As I’ve said - there’s such mod (and I use it extensively).
For me a slight fix to the current problem would be if we had 3 new dailies every day. Because 1 new daily which you can complete by failing just won’t cut it for me. Also it’d make our garbage currency a bit more abundant.

I think there is only a mod to host quickplays but not to make it private, i think that’s what haiken meant, not sure.

otherwise it could lead to toxic lobbies, as he described.

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Yep. Only the tome, grimoire and weekly event quests do not get progress by failing.

In-game it says “Complete”, so yes, the text should be changed to reflect the new changes.

The mod only allows you to host QP. It doesn’t make it possible to host private QP. Only when inside the mission can the game be set to private. For the mod to be sanctioned, it had to limit private QP to modded realm.

Below is a comment by Robin (Technical Director @ Fatshark) why the mod wasn’t allowed to host private QP anymore. With these changed to dailies, I believe it should be reintroduced.

"As a clafirication, we requested that the private game setting was removed from this mod. The reason for this is the following:

The point of quick play is encourage players to relinquish control over map choice so there always are open games available to join on a wide array of maps rather than risking splitting the player base into a bunch of smaller buckets.

Allowing players to get the reward and then set their game to private, not enabling other players to join the game undermines this as they do contribute to the pool of available games.

We do not forbid players from playing alone, but they will simply then not receive the extra incentive for contributing to the server pool."

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The problem with this, any almost all other rewards in the game.

They’re not rewarding.

Before anything else, Chests aren’t rewarding. The RNG makes it infuriating to get chests.

And on to Dailies. The Emporium is not rewarding really, as there’s not much that makes me go “Wow, I want that!”

Weapon skins would make me spend Shillings much faster as I see the weapon all the time.

And so, for Vet’s I don’t even bother with Dailies or Weeklies anymore because it’s just maximum effort for minimal reward. Another part of the game falling by the wayside as it hasn’t been fine-tuned enough.


Totally depends on how hard you throw it.

That’s the shortcoming of the shekel emporium. Almost all of it is trash items not worth any amount. There are only a handful of choice hats (mostly the newly released ~1800 shekel variety) that are worth purchasing. The other 10000 variants of the same IB helm or what have you just make your eyes glaze over.

Earlier I said that shekels were a mistake and the emporium would be better suited to only paid cosmetics. I stand by that. Reintroducing the contract board and putting some random hat or two on a weekly rotation would at least boost engagement, even if it’s something one might not be interested in would boost engagement just by making people log in to see what’s up for grabs.


Did the devs even ever comment on quest completion from failure? As far as I see it, it’s a bug that got introduced but never fixed, did I miss some patch notes or a statement?

When do they comment on anything these days :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry for being bitter, but asked them about a bunch of old, previously raised, and still unaddressed issues round here recently with no result in a few different posts, so I’m a bit bitter.

Host a game.
Wait for the map to load.
Click Private.
If that’s your thing. I still prefer humans to bots even though the chance of meeting idiots is high^_^

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Well there’s no point denying that.
Vermintide is not an MMO - it’s just a fun first person melee slasher in a cool setting.