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that are worth purchasing [/quote]

Well some (a lot of) people (not me) find cosmetics enticing. I find it pointless, boring and a fun-killer. But that’s me.

I’d second that - the contract board was a nice way for you to grind towards some item you might fancy - sometimes they even had reds in there!

You missunderstand.
I know i can just host a game and once loaded in make it private, but there is almost always someone that’s gonna join before and if the host just wants to suicide for his weekly quests 10 times in a row then that will be toxic towards players joining. Also i’m not talking about me personally, just in general, i also prefer real players over bots, just saying this change might happen and this outcome is something to keep in mind. A fix would be, like haiken said, to allow private qp’s to be hosted from the start.

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Then that’s just me. I get people joining usually around the middle. So I think usually you have the time to tick private.

Just found out that there is a fourth weekly quest that doesn’t get progress by failing a run.
Which is the “Collect 15 Loot Die” one.


Starting game as Kruber helps you a lot on this :slight_smile:

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I was being hyperbolic. You can probably guess what I meant. There’s a reason we have running jokes about the number of candles on wiz hats.

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Let me share the experience of new dailies with you.

I’ve started a game with 3 bots. It was Helmgart.
We started strong and made it to the 1st grim without much excitement.
Near the first grim an elf player joined me.
Being a typical elf she didn’t wait for the bot picking up the 3rd tome and rushed ahead with 2 bots while I was standing at the tome pleading for them to come.
She pulled a chaos patrol while I was standing on top of the tome still.
They kiinda ran back half the way to me with the bots (and her) being half dead and 5-6 CWs with posse.
Together we’ve finished off the horde and picked up the last tome.
Then we’re without any healing and the elf was on grey health cause she was knocked down twice in 5 minutes.
We went up the hill towards the 2nd grim. However there a rat horde caught us misposition and we all went down one by one. Elf player deserted at the end, leaving my game.

Now, usually I’d not be even a tiny bit disappointed - after all wiping is the crux of the game.
Yet by failing I’ve completed one daily quest and have to wait for tomorrow to try again;/
In the good old times I’d have just started another game and would prolly even let the elf noob play with me again - after all we all have ups and downs. Now I hate myself, hate that elf and POed about the whole new daily experience.
That’s horrible!
Also I think that that elf noob got what he came for: daily for 3 tomes/1 grim and 25 mobs.
Can’t say I’m happy about that.

P.S. Elf bashing is completely coincidental, I love Kerillian.

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Ok no comment on the rest sorry, but this bit, hot damn if that isn’t the most stereotypical Elf story I’ve ever heard. Sometimes you gotta wonder if people are actually intentionally role playing it’s so silly.

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Frankly it’s not elf it’s rushers. They don’t know or don’t care about pickups and just run ahead. Typical in my games.


It’s not even rushers, it’s just digkheads. Those kinds of players should listen to what the host wants or host their own game in my opinion. I had to sit at third tome AtG for 5 minutes one time because “books were the reason I stopped playing in the first place, muted,” once they ran forward and died in the event and left, I just got the bot to TP grab it so I could finish the map. What a waste of time.

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Heck, I’m at 2000+ hours and would still prefer Emp Chests. It will better help those new to the game level up their item power and get higher rarity (orange) items, which they’ll appreciate more than 5 shillings. The small chance of getting a red is nice too. As a long-time player, I’d take the small chances of getting red dust with Emp Chests than 5 shillings for a daily.

Related post (Jan. 2020): Daily quests should still give Emperor's Chests alongside shillings

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Indeed, or at the very least put some decent honest gear in the shilling shop. Actually give us ability to complete contracts by paying shillings.

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Just adding some additional shillings to daily/weeklies should be sufficient enough. Not like 5-20 additional shillings to dailies would suddenly make everything instantly accessible.

Um… have dailies indeed been tweaked?
I’ve not played V2 too often recently and I haven’t had many wipes, but I think they did change some stuff. Can someone confirm it?

Certain daily / weekly quests now count even if you die, I don’t think we’ve had an official statement from FS about it yet. But I think that’s the only change.

What is this even? :upside_down_face:

I guess it is a step in the right direction. Still I’d completely revert the changes.

I think there’s been another good change, or rather a roll back of a silly change.
I failed a mission yesterday and didn’t get the daily for killing stuff - what a relief!
Now I can really feel that I’ve earned those useless shillings!

Are you sure? I had 3 stacked up today and was able to claim them after reset.

I also had three but only one of them counted which was today

I did crash when claiming two of them