Daily quest rewards

I propose we receive the chest like we used to in addition to the 5 shillings. Some players like myself still have the need for dust to reroll properties and such.


I second this. People had been suggesting this since the day shilling were put for dailies.

For me, I am still baffled by Fatshark’s decision. If they actually did it from the very start, the players would have loved them for “increasing the daily rewards”, even if it’s just some pathetic 5 coins.
It’s gamedesign 101!

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I disagree. Once you start playing on legend difficulty, Emperor chests are next to useless. If you want reds it’s much more efficient to farm vaults than get 1 free Emperor chest per day. Once you have all reds, like many players do, then all chests are useless, except if they drop deeds.

The good thing about shillings is that they are useful to EVERYONE, no matter what difficulty you play at because new cosmetics are constantly being added to the game.

Maybe Fatshark should let people purchase Emperor chests in the emporium for 5 shillings so people more interested in loot can get it but when they have maxed out reds they can still get funds for cosmetics from daily quests.

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Generally, I agree with you. The issue I see is that the amount received by a single daily quest (5 schillings) is so laughable small compared to the cost of even the cheapest cosmetics (~165 schillings, or more than a month worth of daily quests) that I rather have the emperor’s chest back at this point.


Don’t quote me on this because I’m not 100% sure and I can’t find where I read this, but I think Fatshark is already considering doing this, but it was more troublesome to implement than it might seem at first glance, so they’re working the kinks out before properly introducing it.

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Yeah, thats the latest I heard about this topic as well. I think they even want to implement a way for the user to choose between several rewards.
Which is nice and all, but this takes time and resources. We all know how well this stuff works around here (cough crafting/deed rework cough)

The sensible thing would have been to change the current reward value to something a bit more meaningful (which should be a trivial amount of work) until a proper solution was agreed on, and added to the game. Instead, we are now stuck with this shitty 5-schilling reward for half a year, and chances are things stay this way for the foreseeable future.

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