[Suggestion] Monthly quests

There are daily and weekly, why not add monthly quests that’d give something like 500 shillings each ?

Because people complain that the Weekly Quests can’t be done in a day. Whatever FS does in regards to quests some people will feel it is a chore and a drag. I mean we already have stupids who speedrun Recruit levels “just to be done”. Which is not the point that FS wants to have the quests for. So, I don’t see this flying community-wise. Unless it is something so stupidiously easy that it will do it itself. But then they are not interested in the quest but more in the reward.

And reward-side FS again will have an eye that we don’t accumulate Shillings too much and to fast. So I don’t see currently them giving out more Shillings, neither by quests nor by other means like completing Deeds, Weaves, Weekly Events.


If we need more Shillings I’d rather see the daily/weekly quests get a bigger reward. We don’t need more quests.

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Well, considering the new very pricey addition and recolours added to the emporium I agree we need more income.

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The recolour-what now ? :face_with_monocle:

there’s 3 colours of beenies now, and if you like bardin’s hood (a cool one) it’s 860 each, now in white and light brown too.
I wouldn’t have a problem with the current shilling income, but since they raised their prices to make up for the 5 shillings a day, and they are adding pricey recolours, and a red hat costs 1800 (which is more than a month of weekly grinds)…

I don’t see the problem, that means they spend time to do it and be done with it. The whole point is to have people play the game ; monthly missions = longer time to achieve them = more game time.
I usually just check them once and try to keep them in mind (“slay critters” for instance) and then they come on their own, but ultimately the point is to reward players who play and complete missions.
Giving monthly quests with objectives like “slay 15 000 enemies” doesn’t seem too out of place.

Lastly I’d say that if you’re not happy with the missions, don’t do them. I already completed all my “want to have” cosmetics checklist with the initial amount they gave us, and am now on the “like to have but won’t ever use anyway” part of the list…

Indeed, but that seems very Bardin sepcific. No others are having this kind of recolours…
I do agree with the 1800 red hats seeming expensive, hence my suggestion to give a bit of a boost to shilling income.

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Which is what FS aims for and uses them to bolster quickplay and the Weekly Event. And it is also exactly what a part of the community complains about. That they have to play the game to get quests done.

And again, FS has not much interest to provide more Shilling currently. They could still add a Monthly quest for fun. Would be okay with me. Current quest design can be done easily at the side, some more annoying (grims, quickplay), some easier (art, tomes, critters).