Shillings and Price of the Cosmetics

The maximum of possible income of the shillings are too low compared to “some” of the cosmetics’ price.

So, I think:

  • Increase shillings from daily quests and weekly quests of the Okri’s Challenges.

  • Lower the price of those “some” of cosmetics.

  • Make more way to get those shillings, like the essence from the end of the match does.


The real problem is the lack of unique cosmetics. Why would I want to own 4 different beanies for the ranger vet that are just lame re-colours? The emporium is a great idea but the variety of items on offer is a big disappointment (re-colours don’t count). It’s surprising because there is so much source material in GW artwork and Citadel miniatures to pull from. Fatshark really dropped the ball.


Even worse, the game files still contain inaccessible cosmetics: at least 10 Hats and more than 40 frames!
However, hats are added to the Emporium, but slowly. Plus, for Slayer, a new skin with a cool tattoo appeared not so long ago.
But true, however, this is not enough, really need more shillings …
And solve the problem with the lack of space in the inventory - duplicate hats problem especially. :tophat:


Yeah, there are still so many good cosmetics that are ready to be shipped but for some reason aren’t.

Like this one, from one of the old trailers


What are you going to do with these shillings? The shop has little to offer, so you’re just going to buy everything, and then what?
Don’t expect them to add anything new to it, they’re developing three games now, hats and shillings in Vermintide is not a priority for FS.

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Yes! The idea is precisely to collect everything as possible. This is called the Collection. :warhammer:arhammer is about for collecting.

However, I am in no hurry to buy and shore shillings.
First, I’m looking forward to solving the problem with the lack of space in the inventory.
Second, I noticed fluctuations in the price of hats.
Thirdly,never know what will be invented that can buy for shillings, for example, Keep decorations. I hope.

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