Daily quests should still give Emperor's Chests alongside shillings

5 shillings is pitifully low and only rewards cosmetics. Emperor’s Chests were a good way to get orange and red items, which are more useful, especially to those new to the game.

Similar feedback from other posts:

5 Shillings? 5? I, as a long time player and someone who brings friends into the game every sale I can, have no reason to even encourage looking at the left side of Okris Challenges anymore. The Emperor Chests were useful to me as a method to get dust and occasional Reds. The Emperor Chests were useful to my new player friends as a way to get blues and oranges early.

5 shillings is absolutely worthless with how much the cosmetics cost, while with the emperor you always have a chance to get a nice red item and it didn’t depend on RNG but on doing the quest objective. I really wish they bring the emperor’s back because after 300 hours I still don’t have the red weapons that I want. I personally really dislike this change.

5 shillings per quest is almost insulting when the cheapest cosmetics cost 50 and the most expensive are pushing 1,000.

I’d rather just get the chests and rely on weekly quests for shillings

I was really confused when i logged in one day and noticed the lack of chest drops from the dailies. Dont get me started on the “5 shillings” drop AFTER you do the daily. 5 shillings for collecting 4 grims or getting 3 bosses?

Whats next? Here, start the mission with a free speed potion but ONLY if you finish 10 Legendary missions first?

If it wasnt such a bulls**t amount, i might be ok with it, but a fiver is just insulting when most items cost an average of 150-200 coins.

If you do every daily quest for ONE YEAR, you can possibly afford two rare hats. TWO.

Tbh it could just be 1 red dust per daily. I have 1k hours and about 250 reds or so I don’t really care but the 5 shillings are just pathetic.

They should bring back the chest rewards on dailies. It was way better then getting 5 godd**n shillings.

Hey, How about we get chests as rewards again instead of 5 pathetic coins. I mean doing those isn’t really rewarding anymore.


At a certain point the chest become meaningless. While five Shillings is not much, it is still better than the alternative for those players. This can be seen in the threads you linked where those points have been mentioned.

However, they will never find a middle ground one way or the other. As such counter-proposals:

  • Upon completion of the Daily Quest, the player can chose from two (or maybe even three) different rewards. To be chosen can be either the Emperor’s Chest, the 5 Shillings (or two Veteran Chests). As such each player can chose the optimal reward depending if he wants to get a chance at a red, more Shillings for the Emporium (or a slightly faster hero power leveling).

  • If for some reason the first proposal can not be programmed into the game, you can alternatively offer two daily quests per day. Chosing one will make the other unaccessable, so you have to make a decision. This should be possible since we had something similar in Vermintide 1. Interface would have to be worked over. Especially if people only log in every three days.

Nonetheless, both options provide the player with a choice and we may for once reach a state where nobody whines …… yea that will not happen. People will complain about not being able to do both quests. But the solutions should still offer enough flexibility to adress most concerns. And FS has shown willingness that both rewards are considered suitable for the Daily Quest. Not both at once, though.


Make daily quests give 5 shillings and an emperor champion chest. Both.

I’ll just link my original comment here, since this thread was finally created by someone in the feedback section.


This is only half correct. Deeds can dish out two chests for completing them. So the system is not limited in that regard. At least if the two rewards are identical. There might be differences for giving out two different rewards. But even then, this is not an issue since the only thing the Code has to do is an +1/+5 on the server for your profile for the specific items.

So the limitation here is what FS is willing to give out. Of course, the approach of asking for both is okay. If you don’t like the hand you are dealt with, ask for a better. For now, I personally try to deal with the hand we have gotten. And that is asking for a choice because FS has shown that both rewards singularly are okay with them. From a gameplay perspective I find making a choice also more interesting instead of getting both. But that is as subjective as it can be.

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Well I just hit 100 hours playing VT2 and I still have plenty of reds to collect across all characters. So I’d really like to see the return of (an option to claim) chests as a reward for dailies.

I try to play a few games every three days to maximize the number of chests I collect. The incentive for that is now gone, as I’m now generating about -50% chests. Feels like a HUGE nerf to me. I assume this is the case for the majority of players.


Just wanting to chime in to add one more voice to this topic.

The current reward of 5 shillings per completed daily quest is absolutely ludicrous. The amount is so neglectably small (compared to the cost of even the cheapest cosmetics) that it doesn’t feel like a reward at all.
Please increase the daily amount of Shillings, provide a choice between old and new rewards (like suggested by another user) or reconsider this change altogether. While some players already got most of the relevant loot from champion chests, those chests at least provided some means to generate additional dust for crafting a red weapon or rerolling stats/traits. Heck, 5 Shillings is meaningless enough that it could be rewarded in addition to the champion chest.


Where did FS mention this?

Mentioned? Nowhere. But we had both - Emperor’s Chest and 5 Shillings - as reward for the daily quests already in the game. For me this means that FS considers either one as okay as reward.

If an Emperor’s Chest would be not suitable we wouldn’t have had it as reward for over a year. And the 5 Shillings as intended reward has been confirmed by a developer i think.

They should just give us shillings alongside the chest’s content.
Increased amount the higher tier your chest is.


I agree bring back the Emperor Chests or a select like one comment mentioned.

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Thanks I would also like a reason to play a game or two a day, dailies were just that. Shillings aren’t useful to anyone that doesn’t give a hoot about cosmetics, lol. So these dailies don’t really have a purpose anymore, being what they were and are now, they were useful for players sub~100 hours to login and get an upgrade or two a day, now it’s useless for pretty much everyone considering the amount (five shillings)


Should just give the ability in Lohner’s Emporium to Buy Legend Emp chest’s with shillings, problem solved. Don’t like / care about cosmetics or have all cosmetics you want? Spend shillings on emp chests


I would want both shillings and chest. But if I have to choose, I prefer shillings.

This change means lots of grind for new players or players who just occasionally played the game until the patch. Imo this was very short sighted and could ruin the game on the long term by lowering the influx of new or casual players due to the creation of an obstacle (intentionally or not doesn’t matter) they maybe are not willing or capable to accept.
There were two community letters/dev updates since it was confirmed that the issue was forwarded to the game design team here, but no mentioning of plans to better the situation or revert it.
In case the UI doesn’t support the dual solution (chest+shillings), i think it would be best to temporarily revert this change and maybe add some additional shillings to the weekly event rewards until the dual solution can be realized.
Or there could be simply new types of daily reward chests that are basically identical with the standard ones, but include an amount of shillings additionally to the normal rewards.


I’m going to generalize some groups of players.

  • Players that have done all Challenges they have interest in, gathered every Red and Cosmetics in the game they care for, to the point where they can be driven bored of Cataclysm/Weaves. Wanting for more content.
  • Players whom are regular Champion/Legend players. Trying to get more Reds, be better at the game, fixing up their builds. In my case, attempting to pull other friends to the game in the process.
  • Players whom casually play. The silent majority. Recruit through Champion players whom do not care about having best things, builds, or mastering the game, preferring to simply play because they enjoy it for the sake of it.

The change from Emperor’s Chest on Daily’s to 5 Shillings harms everyone whom isn’t at the point of completing all of their goals in the game. It has vastly dampened my own willingness to play as often as I used to. I greatly enjoy the gameplay and genuinely want to push for Red Weapons on more characters… but my ability to do so has been extremely neutered, and the replacement for it is FIVE SHILLINGS for cosmetics that genuinely do not make nearly enough of a difference in my gameplay whatsoever to be worth looking at the store for.

This, alongside some stability issues since the patch that have yet to be fixed, has convinced me to stop pushing friends to buy the game. Because if I were coming into Vermintide 2 as a new player and found out about this being a change the Devs were proud of and unwilling to compromise with… I’d leave. I’d refund it if possible. I have no interest in wasted time. I greatly enjoy Vermintide 2’s gameplay. I despise practically everything that holds it up. Random Random Random with Random and Random this that. And the Daily’s system that used to give me more hope of eventually reaching parity with other players has been removed for a store that gives direct access to that slightly purpler skin that veterans couldn’t get to drop out of Commendation Chests. The Daily three attempts to finally get a 2nd Red Trinket alongside the Chests/Vaults I’m getting while playing made it not feel like a shitshow. The ability to stockpile Chests passively whilst helping friends in Veteran so I can open em on my non-favorite characters for chances at gearing them properly is gone.

Why not both? Why nerf progression? Why remove more methods to reach parity with other players?
Weaves allow you to reach parity with other players. Why not interconnect Weaves with Main Game? Why is it an ISLAND of content rather than an EXPANSION that has a reason to exist? Why when rerolling Traits do I have a chance to reroll the same Trait 7 times in a row? Why can I spend resources to get worse items than what they were? Why… a lot of things…


Dailies should be 10 shillings. If you do one every day, you get 70 per week, which is just a bit more then 1 weekly quest. Sounds good.

Then also put Emperors Chests (Champion) on the emporium for 5 shillings. That’ll let people that want one or the other pick which one they want.

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I can understand your point of view… But also who plays around at low-mid level has a lot of possibilities to farm chests… While there is one only way to farm shillings. Moreover cosmetics can make happy everyone (a low level player could want his favourite hat more than a random red item)… While chests soon or later will be useless.
Anyway I have 1300 hours and I still miss one red… Despite this, I prefer 5 shillings. The % to get that red from dayly chests are really low anyway. I prefer to search It through deeds.

If you go for cosmetics you’re most likely into the game already. What is being proposed is that it shouldn’t be catered especially to long time players with the shillings instead of the progressing players. I’m in the same situation as you but I wholeheartedly support the argument of bringing back emp chests (or giving both).


5 shillings is an almost insignificant value if you’re aiming for cosmetics, new player or otherwise. Quoting this Reddit post:

If you do every daily quest for ONE YEAR, you can possibly afford two rare hats. TWO.

You’d have more rare cosmetics through commendation chests. I’d actually take commendation chests, with their worse rarity items compared to emperor chests, than 5 shillings.

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Yeah but you can’t get everything from commendation, and shillings are impossible to get outside of quests