Give Commendation Chests as reward for Daily quests

Because it’s about the only chest I’m excited about. As it’s a commendation chest, it fits more than an emperor’s chest too.


Yeah no, you’re the only one who’s doing dailies and that would screw over new players.

I made it sound subjective, but it’s probably something most ppl would agree on, as I think it’s also the reason why WoM’s challenges give you those instead of emperor’s vaults .
I think it’s also fitting, as comm. chests don’t depend on the difficulty, as dailies don’t, while an emp. chest is something you would get for full books champ.

What’s the difference in loot? Reds are more likely in emp chests than in comm’s, but still a low chance.
In exchange you get a chance for those elusive hats you can only get from commendation chests.

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This would ruin new players experiences but you could easily find a middle ground by letting you pick one or the other.

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Somebody even does dailies? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is a fix to a problem that will hopefully have a better solution. If they can just fix the cosmetics system (Emporium is supposed to drop next content patch BTW), then they can stay with max champ chests which will, as other have stated, be better for new players. This is of course assuming that the new system isn’t crap, and frankly after the WoM expansion I’m more looking for the catch than the solution.

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Just make it give Legend Emp Vaults. Challenges should as well… but yea, commendation chests are more useful for drops, aka cosmetics and still drop reds as well.

I do the dailies! Because after 600h I haven’t not even the dust to reroll a red item that I have crafted.


Yep, some of us do. Unfortunately, they’re mostly uninspired ind irrelevant even disregarding the reward (but for that, I agree with the OP); the only ones that in any way change or guide my playing are the “Play as [character]” ones as they give a suggestion on what I could do that day.

More and/or different Quests is a different topic, though.

That why I asked :smiley:

Well, if we had the weave crafting in the base game, this would be a non issue. Rerolling that is…

As for quests, II’m still hoping we get community weeklies and monthlies. Also, the bögenhagen weeklies should continue after you get all chests and should then give commendation chests. To be honest, I’d rather daily quests reset as soon as you finished them. Maybe like every hour, you get 3 new quests if you finished your last ones. Just keep them coming…


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