The problem with champion chests as a daily reward

I’d like to take a moment to explain why I feel changes need to be made to daily rewards; and how it can be changed.

The value of Commendation chests over Champion chests:
Commendation chests are highly valuable as they are the only non-dlc chest to drop cosmetics. Okri’s challenges gave the player-base a new way to obtain many commendation chests very quickly. However these come at a finite amount, there is no way to earn more from Okri once you complete all the challenges. While the quest board in vermintide 1 gave a variety of rewards after it’s implementation, the Okri’s Challenges daily rewards are limited to what a Champion chest gives.

I don’t put much value in the Champion Emperor chests. They have no hat drop-rate (unlike commendations) and they have a chance to give me a deed for Champion difficulty. As someone who only likes to play legend, I don’t enjoy Champion deeds. I now have many champion deeds stockpiled up from the daily quests. I’d imagine this is the same case for players that are Veteran only, as they don’t feel comfortable with doing a Champion deed.

Proposed Solutions:

I have two proposed ways to improve the daily rewards.

  1. The easiest solution is to replace the daily reward with commendation chests. Again, commendation chests have a hat drop rate, a max item power of 300, while still maintaining a red drop chance. They will also not give undesirable deeds.

  2. This other solution is multi-faceted, and can also be implemented along with the former proposal. First off; give us the ability to upgrade or downgrade a deeds difficulty. This way the champion deeds can be made into legend or veteran difficulty, depending on what the player prefers. Second; give champion and above chests a chance to drop cosmetic items. This way they are not as undesirable.

Thank You for reading, any feedback or other proposals is appreciated. I will also be re-posting this on the steam forums.


I love your deed idea


I still find the quests a little insulting. I was expecting content not half baked mmo-esque incentive. Yes they work but only so far. Once you allow character progression on mod realm I think we will see a significant shift away from these trite attempts at coercion.

I think that the champ chests got a higher chance to drop reds next to the comm. chests.

Everybody will gain comm. chests through playing , but a lot of players still dont run any legend games. So their only chance to get some reds is lucky ranald in champ runs or just through the daily reward.

I think the relationship between that is fine. Some more harder/ longer dailies would be cool. There could be doublechests drops /comm+champ chests etc.

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