Okri's Challenges Feedback

I think the Challenge aspect of the this, for the most part, is very well done with a few exceptions:

  • It’s a pretty damn big kick in the balls that you guys didn’t count any of our progress then told us to pound sand. A lot of us would have had the 100 champ+ clears on multiple classes. I find this alienating and it makes me not want to play anymore.

  • The 500x Deed challenge is excessive and not very well thought out imo. It should have been a point system where a a legend deed is worth more points than a recruit deed. If someone really wants this they can just spam lower difficulty levels or lower level speedruns, then plow through ezmode deeds. I don’t think your execution lines up with your vision at all here.

  • Broken challenges should be addressed sooner than later.

The “Quest” aspect of Okri’s Challenges, however, I find pointless. It’s the exact opposite of what people were telling you they wanted ie. A way to have control over what they get and actually earn drops. Instead, it’s just more RNG. You could give us a million chests and someone would still not get what they’re after… please… stop with the RNG. RNG is a lazy, hackneyed reward mechanic that does screw a ton of people over and gradually erodes enjoyment of any game. RNG should be a bonus only… players should be in charge of their own destinies. The fact that all we get is one Emp lolChest per friggin day is extremely tone deaf. You’ve made a pure skinner box.


If some thought process was put into this, there could have been at least some compensation done. They could have treated each character level after 20 as one finished run, and could have spread that number of runs evenly between all careers.

Yes, there is no way to know, which career a player used when leveling a character, but I think this solution would have satisfied everyone. And it’s also obviously not a 100% compensation, more like a 50%-70%, but I think people would be happy to even get that.


Anything would have been better than nothing. They should have just taken our hero levels and extrapolated how many legend clears that’d be then give credit to some degree based on that. The “lol sucks to be you” approach is revolting.


600+ hours in game, 150 comm chests saved for 1.1 still no hats, no Vet weapons i actually wanted, for any of my characters… honestly who can be f#@%$* winning 1500 games to get all the hats? I wonder which planet the devs brains are located on? “IF” a dev reads this, here’s a rhetorical question… Since when did gaming become a job? I have this many hours cause i broke my damn leg, and i still cbf doing what u ask just for a hat…


Some of the numbers for some of the challenges are defiantly too big (looking at you 500 deeds). They could need some tweaking to hit a good spot and for the deed category I think it would be a decent change/addition to also make daily quests and events count towards them to make it more manageable. Boosting deed drop rate is probably required as well as I have still only encountered a handful.

Would like to see a way to get specific stuff. You could remove some of the RNG by making the reward a random quality weapon (for example show it as a red ranged weapon) and upon completion you would get a red ranged for the character you are playing. Red weapons and cosmetics might have to be mostly available as bigger events but being able to somewhat work towards specific orange stuff would be a very nice addition.

And I would of course love to see the majority of the Okri Challanges to be converted into Steam Achievements as hunting the base set is rather lacklustre in comparison to how awesome Vermintide 1 was at the end. At least make all level and enemy challenges into achievements as they are really cool designs and would be perfect to hunt down with friends.


That FS once again chose not to implement a good functioning System, that happend before with the new Crafting/Weapon/Trinket Sytem. Ok they wanted to go a new Path with V2, im still not overly happy with that Decision but fine. But with the Q´s System its a whole diffrent Story, why wouldn’t you not take the Bounty Board into that? No sane Reason not to.


I think that’s fine as long as they add the much needed red dupe protection and make the prize work for whatever class you’re on. Otherwise, it’s still just more of the RNG we’re sick to death of.

Agree, I’d estimate I’ve gotten ~25 of them in ~260 hours of play.

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Yeah then you gotta factor in that some, no matter how good everyone is, you simply aren’t gonna win on the first try and they’re probably not even worth doing. Back to Basics, for example, take fooorrrrrreeeever. 500 deeds is like a 10k+ hrs challenge if someone’s playing normally but if someone speedruns recruit and low lvl deeds it’s obviously less. I feel like there shouldn’t be anything to incentivize that though.


It’s not the end of the world. This is a melee focused game.


I agree with RNG part, too much RNG. I just want my bandit mask for Kruber Huntsman and I can’t get it because RNG everywhere.

Why is FS obsessed with RNG… it’s so old loot system… Come on FS, give us some way to earn cosmetics we want.

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