Custom deeds

I was thinking in a change of the deeds system, most of the drops in chest make no sense in terms of loot/prize
or even the mix is “unplayable”.

My idea is to let us make a custom deed run, picking up the mod that we want(some % based on difficulty of the mod) and them getting a fair prize for what we had played.

Not sure what u think about the current system, feel free to add your ideas.

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Agreed. Since it’s just flat RNG still, we should be able to assign our own deed criteria w/e we want IMO.

Too abusable. You can just find a perfect difficulty to reward ratio combination and farm it again and again.

A good reward is a general /emperor chest/vault, so picking at least 2-3 or even 4 mod to get double reward is not gonna make a easy game never.

Sure if a player use a bug in a map and abuse it, its a problem, but it another issue related for that.

But my first reason to this is to have fun with the runs, a good reward its a extra