Introduce Red Deeds that award a guaranteed cosmetic on completion

They can be Legendary only, or Champion with lots of/all the modifiers.

Make them craftable by using a ton of orange dust.

Make them replayable but don’t give rewards after first completion.

I think this would be a quick easy fix for the loot/difficulty problems and be a really cool addition.


Yep, the reds were a swing and a miss. Need to alter it somehow, I feel deeds would be a favorite way. That way deeds would actually be useful and getting reds challenging rather than lottery. Am suprised you can’t buy emperor’s chests yet from Steam store.

Deeds are currently a swing and a miss as well imo. They need to be permanent modifiers you can apply instead of rare loot rewards. Imagine trying to get a veteran deed, it’d be as difficult as getting the veteran item to begin with.

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So actually impossible? I’ve done a ton of Legend deeds and let me tell you, having all ambient mobs (which shadow buffs waves as well with elites) combined with Elite damage increase is insane, mobs instakill with every attack, chaos warriors using their attack that goes through block even instakills, having all the modifiers would be insane. Basically you would constantly take small damage with no pick ups, every mob would 1 shot and if you died you died, also have fun fighting 1000 waves and specials every min while wading through 30+ storms every 10 feet. This wouldn’t solve the loot issue, it would be a carrot on a stick like so many deeds already are. Double Emps vault deed for skittergate, yeah basically impossible. No pick ups, all ambient mobs are elites (aka storms of 2h axe maras / CH warriors) that all instakill.

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