We need a report player button, a profanity filter, and to not let pre-mades kick

Here is all 3 in one clip where I am called the n-word, not able to report the player, and then kicked by him and his pre-made friends.

Please add a report player for hate speech option and also make it so I can’t be kicked by a team of pre-made friends who think it is funny to call me the n-word and then kick me.

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Found a reddit post about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/z5lqwd/getting_kicked_at_the_end_of_a_mission_has_begun/

One of the top comments states: “Even Vermintide 2 mitigated this (eventually) by disabling the votekick function beyond a past a certain point (I think start of the final event).”

Why would we not have that in this game?

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