In Game Player Reporting System

I am sure I am not the first to suggest a in game reporting system for toxic players, but, based on some personal accounts of players griefing, offensive language, etc I think that a in game player reporting system is needed. Most games now come with such a reporting system and I think vermintide 2 should have one as well. I have read many players complain on reddit and on these fourms about how they are unable to play the game they paid for because of toxic players.

Just my 2 cents on the matter. I realize the game is still new and there is plenty of things to fix and tune, but you dont want to abandon your player base. Vermintide 2 has made huge improvements from vermintide 1 and i dont want to see a toxic community form and destroy the efforts that went into this game.


How will I know you’re actually saying the truth instead of just ganging up on someone you don’t like with your online buddies?

A system that avoids players you don’t want to play with is enough to solve the problem.


People already abuse the votekick function. I see people getting kicked at the end of the mission and got kicked, too.
A function to avoid insulting and abusing players would be great anyway!

Campaign to get host kick and blacklists added and the problem will solve itself. Giving players the ability to dogpile others with an unmoderated automated system is asking to turn this game into the next disaster, like Overwatch, League of Legends and DotA before it.

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