Waystalker TrueShot / Trueflight Kills Far More Elites / Berserkers as Host

Another client / host variance issue:

Take waystalker and fire trueshot with no piercing shot or extra bolt talent options:

Do it as host:
Kills usually 5 enemies if berserks / plague monks
Kills 2 or 3 storm vermin / shield stormvermin

Do it as client:
Kills 1 or 2 enemies if berserks / plague monks
Kills 1 stormvermin

Why? How many other issues are like this where clients are getting shafted…

This does not apply to the keep. In the keep both client and host kill the same enemies typically 5 berserker type enemies.


Im sure this is to do with how the game reacts with ping as host there is no delay so the moment one of the arrows hits a storm vermin for example and kills it the other arrows immediately go after other targets but as client they do not react as fast and do not switch targets so 2 or more arrows can hit that target although it is already dead the worse the ping the slower it reacts so it can go from killing 3 storm vermin with one true flight ult as host to only killing one as client this also applies to pyros ult effectiveness

I have to agree with arknox. Waystalker is far more powerful when the player it self is the Host.
This really is ground breaking when u have a character that her most powerful ability is useless.

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