Warrior Priester not getting weapons and cosmetics

I purchased the warrior priest career played a while until 27. But somehow I never got any applicable weapon for the warrior priest. I only have lvl 5 standard weapons in warrior priest inventory.
And somehow there is no option to purchase warrior priest cosmetics, it is not listed for Victor :slight_smile:
See screenshot here: Warhammer-Vermintide-2-39 โ€” ImgBB

There are no in-game purchasable skins or illusions for him.
You get everything if you bought the full warrior priest bundle or cosmetics upgrade.
If all you have is the base career (the cheaper option) you only get access to the career and weapons without any illusions, skins, portraits etc.

The only thing unlockable for base career without cosmestics bundle is the chaos wastes purified skin (and possibly the two avatar frames) from challenges.

EDIT: Forgot to mention you have you craft the weapons. They donโ€™t drop from chests.

I hope Reorxโ€™s answer above has helped clear this up for you - let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

OK, thx!

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