Cosmetic Purchase Missing

Issue Description:
I bought a veteran, zealot and ogryn cosmetic bundle and it is not showing up in my inventory

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/2/23 2:39PM Central Standard

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console-2023-11-02-17.50.33-8135687c-c24e-47d4-b5d6-59aa0770fed3.log (378.3 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (688.6 KB)

I can see you’ve purchased the Kreig bundles for Veteran and Psyker, and then went on to purchase a number of individual items:

  • Catechizer’s Sanctum Hood
  • Armour of the House of the Begloried Redemptor
  • Steel Legion Flak Helmet (Trenchstorm Camo)
  • Militarum Tox-Field Jacket (Trenchstorm Campaign)
  • Militarum Battlegear (Cityfight Camo, XXXXL)
  • MilitarumHeavy Treadplate Armour (Moebian 117th, XXXXL)
  • Militarum Tox-Field Fatigues (Trenchstorm Campaign)
  • Spiked Kettle Helm MkIII

Could you confirm which items appear to be missing?

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