Warrior Priest : Lore Friendly

The premise is that all this time with Saltzpyre, and the events of end times, have made Kruber convert from Taal to Sigmar. This is a sublcass build for Kruber, modeled from existing talents and weapons, to keep it balanced with the game’s current mechanics. This is an implementation that could do the subclass justice, and be sold as a DLC.


YouTube™ Video: Warhammer Online:Chaos Chosen vs Empire Warrior Priest

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Epic fight.


So if we were to take a full look. A 1h mace with flaming charged attack copied from Sienna’s would be the perfect melee weapon from that video, just needs a reskin. Optional other weapons, aside from kruber’s warhammer and mace/shield, could be a heavy flail as shown above, and a longer style warhammer (polehammer) with a swing pattern copied from glaive.

Ranged weapon choices, Battle Prayers, which take the item shape of holy tomes. The animation to carry a tome is already in the game; Casting would open the tome and hold it in front of you, perhaps with the pages turning.

Tome of the Twin Tailed Comet - RMB Copied exactly from conflag staff. Just a visual effect reskin.

Tome of Banishment - RMB charges up a cone effect, that functions exactly like the blunderbus on kruber, just a visual effect reskin. Charge level 1 increases effect range, fully charged increases stagger.

LMB on both pulses with Soulfire, which works like beam staff’s very short range aoe attack. The visual effect is that your character pulses with white fire. Generates a significant amount of heat so its not worth spamming.

Traits available for tomes: Consecutive attacks against the same targets boosts attack power by 5.0% for 5.0 seconds, Weapon generates 20% less overheat, Ranged critical hits reduce the cooldown of your Career Skill by 5%. Effect can only trigger once every 4 seconds. Assisting an ally under attack restores 15 temporary health to both players.

Passive Abilities: Divine Fury: (Copied from Pyromancer) Increased melee critical strike chance based on Overcharge level up to 30%. (5 stacks maximum). Provides weapon glow at maximum stacks. Benediction: Combustion from Overcharge stuns you and replaces your health with temp health instead of killing you. Active Ability: (Copied from Mercenary) Shield of Faith: Grants nearby allies 25 temporary health, and staggers nearby enemies. Has a divine magic visual effect.

Row 1: Staggering enemies w/ melee grants temp health OR Melee killing blows grant temp health OR healing yourself with consumables heals nearby allies.
Row 2: Increase power by 5% for every nearby ally OR Increases stagger power by 35% OR Each stack of Divine Fury also reduces damage taken by 5%.
Row 3: Bulwark OR Mainstay OR Enhanced Power
Row 4: Increases melee power by 15% when at or above critical overcharge OR Increase stagger power by a further 50% while an ally is incapacitated OR Killing enemies with melee attacks while on full stamina reduces the cooldown of Shield of Faith by 2%.
Row 5: No longer slowed from Overcharge OR Reduces damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds after taking damage from venting Overcharge. Stacks up to 3 times. OR Melee Critical Hits vent a small amount of overcharge.
Row 6: Shield of Faith also revives knocked down allies OR Shield of Faith also prevents generation of Overcharge for 10 seconds OR Increase Radius & Stagger Power of Shield of Faith by 50%.

The idea is that stacking stagger would be what lets Tome Of Banishment’s full charge and Shield of Faith do things like send hordes flying backwards and knock down chaos warriors/monsters/bosses. Similar to throwing a bomb, but less damage. Example: Your teammate aggro’s a patrol of stormvermin, gets overwhelmed and downed. A stagger warrior priest with Tome of Banishment could charge up an attack that knocks them all back/down, clearing the way for them to be rezzed. Triggers the trait to grant you and them temp health. Or a different build, you could rez them directly with Shield of Faith if you’re using the talent, try to do as much damage as possible from range with Tome of the Twin Tailed Comet, and then engage to melee with a bunch of buffs from Divine Fury.

Other scenarios where the stagger build would be support oriented without necessarily being overpowered: A teammate gets downed by a boss, and that boss is attacking your ally who is trying to rez him, which keeps interrupting the rez. Charged Tome of Banishment could stagger the boss, giving you or an ally a chance to rez. Knock down Chaos Warriors, send hordes off a cliff, etc.

The way these talents are set up, you get to play aggressively but still provide support to your teammates through stagger and temp health. All of the talents above are just taken from currently existing talents on other subclasses. Mostly Pyromancer, with the ranged buffs from overcharge changed to melee, and Mercenary because the way they generate temp health is the same. Because all the talents, weapons, and mechanics are copied from existing classes, this is going to be pretty balanced. It would end up playing a bit like Unchained, but still be different enough through talents and a bit more support oriented instead of tanky. This class could be sold as a DLC.