Warrior Priest for Salzpyre

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Why a Warrior Priest?
All of Saltzpyre’s current classes seem fitted toward dealing as much damage as possible. A Warrior Priest would allow him to offer a bit of a supportive role that increases allied damage by using battle prayers. But also keeps his design philosophy of picking off high value targets intact.


New Weapons:
1h Warhammer: Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps, Crowd Control. Functioning similar to the Flail but higher damage power attacks (particularly vs Armored).

Prayer Tomes: Because Battle Preists rarely use ranged weapons WP Saltzpyre can equip different tomes to gain different effects for his Battle Prayers. I’m not too great at coming up with names but effects to follow. . .

  • Increased critical damage.
  • Increased damage to Chaos.
  • Increased damage to Skaven.
  • Increased Power.
    So how will Battle Prayers work?

Battle Prayers: Everytime Saltzpyre kills an elite, kills a special, or assists an ally he gains a stack of Battle Prayer for 60 seconds stacking 10 times. Slaying monsters grants maximum stacks. Value of the stacks changes based on equipped tome. Battle Prayers effect all allies within a medium distance.

Divine Power: Saltspyre deals increased damage to Elites. Once every 60 seconds Saltzpyre’s divine presence allows him ignore a disabling effect from a special. Such as Gutter Runner tackle or Packmaster hook etc.

Armored in Faith: While Battle Prayers are active Saltzpyre gains a small bonus (1%) to damage resist and (2%) healing received per stack of Battle Prayer he has.

Career Skill:
Soulfire: A rain of holy bolts falls upon Saltpyre’s foes causing damage to all enemies in an area. Specials/Elites take increased damage from Soulfire. Any specials or elites killed with Soulfire grant double the stacks of Battle Prayers.
Cooldown - 90 Seconds.

Talents: (ideas just to throw out there)

  • Assisting Allies grants power to both players.
  • Slaying Specials/Elites grants Saltpyre substantial power on his next attack.
  • Each stack of Battle Prayer increases Saltzpyre’s movespeed 1%.


  • Increased max health by 15%
  • Increase healing recieved from Armored in Faith to 3% per stack.
  • Decrease damage received during Armoured in Faith to 2% per stack.


  • Divine Power allows increased damage to Monsters as well as Elites.
  • When Divine Power is triggered release a powerful damage wave.
  • When Divine Power triggers Allies gain 20% increased power for 10 seconds.


  • Increase Battle Prayer stacks to 15.
  • Enemies hit by Soulfire are feared causing them to cower for 5 seconds. Monsters do not cower but now take increased damage from Soulfire.
  • Soulfire will recover 50% Allied temporary health as health. *Does not mend wounds.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I would love to hear feedback or thoughts.