2 new careers/classes

saltzpyre- warrior priest support/tank class.

passive -warrior priest at the start of the game the warrior priest gains 1 charge of healing and collecting tomes increases these charges to a total of 4 charges the warrior priest can use or save these charges of heals throughout the game for when needed to heal teammates/himself in dire situations the cast time of the heal is .75 secs and heals like a healing draught.

ult/F - sigmars wrath for 10seconds the warrior priest has increase power and heals himself overtime every sec.

warriors priest weapons:

one handed hammer with a warrior priest book in the other hand: this one handed hammer does less damage but provides a passive to you and the group 5% damage reduction in a certain radius around the warrior priest.

duel one handed hammers

one handed hammer and shield

two hand hammer.

kerillian- high elf mage

this will give another mage in the game which vermin tide could really use instead of more melee as well has added in more spells.

ults- kerillian has a choice of 3 ults to choose from, shadow, light for support, and nature.

shadow- strong damage

nature-roots enemy’s in the radius of the target area casted for 2secs as well as adds small poison damage overtime effect.

light- blinds enemy’s around kerillian and lowers the damage the enemy’s do to her and her teammates for a certain duration, allowing this spec to go more towards supporting your teammates.

kerillians items:

staff of shadow: each one has a strong and light spell shadow spell attack

staff of light: each one has a strong and light spell attack for light

staff of nature: each one has a strong and light nature spell attack

duel wield sword and staff: light spell attack only with this staff.